Monday, March 30, 2015

A Spring Cleaning Give-away from HomeRight

So let's hear it . . .

Are you a spring cleaner?

Do you make a list of things to spring clean, start at the top and make it all the way to the bottom?

For me spring cleaning always starts with washing windows.

I ALWAYS wash my windows.

Every spring.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

28 Things - Really Random Things

1. I had a weird week.

2. Some good things happened.

3. Some bad things happened. Bad. Things.

4. Bad things suck.

5. I read a fantastic article about "parenting" this morning.  You will love it! Read it here.

Friday, March 27, 2015

MMS Milk Paint - Dried Lavender Over Mora

This week went by like - 

well, I don't know what it was like but it went by really fast.

So it's Friday and I completely missed Words of Wednesday.

I'm sure you survived without my wisdom.

I do have a couple of sets of photos edited so I'll get back on track with one of them.

There was this cabinet . . .

Friday, March 20, 2015

Warning: potential bad post

However, it could be really great.

I have a lot to get done today and I'm hoping that writing it all down will keep me going.

You know the whole accountability thing...

Starting at 8:32.

Put the trash out.

Proud moment - took a large garbage bag to the basement and filled it with things I had been saving since I might use them one day.  Put it out with the garbage. Whew!

Put load of wash in the dryer. Washed another.

Fed the cats.

Drank coffee.

Completed step 1 of cleaning (very long story) 8 cast iron skillets so they can be seasoned today while Mr. Quirky is out of town. He doesn't like the smell. Imagine that.

Emptied the dishwasher.

Drank coffee.

Cleaned the sticky label stuff off the metal brackets I am using on some shelves I am making for the kitchen. Fingernail polish remover didn't work. Vegetable oil did. Makes me wonder if I should have vegetable oil in my kitchen cabinets.

Removed the last bits of my 6 month old pedicure with the polish remover.

Put wash in dryer, put load in washer.

Completed step 2 of cleaning (very long story) 27 cast iron skillets so they can be seasoned today while Mr. Quirky is out of town. He doesn't like the smell. Imagine that.

Drank coffee.

Cleared a box of paint off of the dining table - put into messy basement.

Wondered if I should have a goal of clearing off the table today;

Painted my toenails. Big accomplishment.

Drank coffee.


Completed step 3 of cleaning (very long story) 246 cast iron skillets so they can be seasoned today while Mr. Quirky is out of town. He doesn't like the smell. Imagine that.

That took a long time.

Set skillets to soak in vinegar.

Ate lunch.

Drank coffee.

Tried to find the blog that had the info for the skillet seasoning technique I am going to use for the cast iron.

Laid out a paint sheet to spray paint the metal brackets for the kitchen shelves.

Dumped Christmas glitter that was carefully collected into the paint sheet all over my freshly painted toenails.

Repainted toenails.

Spray painted metal brackets.

Oiled cast iron and put it in oven for 1st seasoning.

Opened windows.

Seasoning cast iron stinks.

Cleaned up mess from cleaning cast iron. It is messy and spatters everywhere.

Washed kitchen cabinets and fronts of appliances.

Realized that I need to touch up kitchen cabinet paint.

Swept and steamed kitchen floor

Cut the boards for the kitchen shelves.

Repainted metal brackets.

Mr Quirky called and asked me to pick him up an hour earlier than I had scheduled.

Stuck my hand in the oven to feel if the skillets had cooled. Put my whole hand on the burning pan.

Realize I'm an idiot.

I've only gotten one round of seasoning done. At least 6 are required.

Mr. Quirky is going to be all out of sorts.

Pick up Mr. Quirky at the airport.

Go to dinner.

It's 8:49 and I'm going to spend the rest of the evening watching basketball.

And smelling roasting cast iron.

If you are actually reading this post, I thank you.  Having this cast iron almost finished is a gargantuan accomplishment for me. 

Believe it or not I started cleaning them over a year ago. 

Or was it two?


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Using Chalk Paint® With Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

Yesterday I was looking through my photos, trying to remember what I had called a new set of photos that I had just downloaded and I came across these photos of a chair I painted a few weeks ago.

It had been hanging around the store where I work sometimes and sell my furniture, Vera's Daughter Home, and just needed a new look.

It was the first thing Becky (the owner) ever painted (with Chalk Paint®).

She had just returned from her first class working with Chalk Paint®, and proceeded to paint practically every piece of furniture in the house.

Do you remember the first piece you ever painted with Chalk Paint®?

This is mine. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Words of Wednesday No. 4

This whole commitment to writing something every Wednesday is psyching me out.

It's not like I don't have something to say.

I never realized how commitment-phobic I was . . .

until I started blogging.

And making statements like "I commit to fixing my kitchen."

Maybe I just have bloggingcommitmentaphobia???

I love big words.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


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