Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY Wood Pallet Projects by Karah Bunde - A Review

There's a new book in town.

DIY Wood Pallet Projects - by Karah Bunde.

Do you know Karah?

Karah from

She's a sweetheart.

A rough and tumble sweetheart.

I met her blog right after I started blogging in 2012. 

Then when I went to Haven in 2013.

She was the very first person to walk right up and say "You're Karen from Somewhat Quirky!"

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I've been entertaining visiting family lately, but I wanted to stop in and show you this -

This is Aeryn. You met her a couple of years ago when I made her this cape.

Just thought you would like to know that she's still at it.

Protecting you the world.

In her cape.

(the cape that used to drag the ground)

“There are lives I can imagine without children but none of them have the same laughter & noise.” ― Brian Andreas

Saturday, September 20, 2014

28 Things - Doing Ugly Work

1. I've been busy working. Doing ugly stuff.

2. The ugliest of which is cleaning the guest bedroom. You can see an example of what I am facing here.  Except it is worse.

3. Actually it's not worse now. Because remember, I've been working.

4. You may not know that last fall we dug up the front yard and reseeded the grass.

5. This year we dug up the back yard.

6. It was ugly.

7. Now it is lovely. At least with promise.

8. It's been treated for grubs, sprayed with soil conditioner, a new border has been installed and the yard re-seeded.

9. It will be beautiful.

10. The front yard turned out fabulously.

11. Our yards were actually fine. Better than the neighbors. But Mr. Quirky, well he's a little quirky about the grass. 

12. He doesn't even let me touch the grass. Unless it's to dig it up, of course.

13. I also get to plant the trees, build the pergolas, put in the retaining walls, take out the dead trees, prune the shrubs, split the hostas, . . . 

14. I'm cleaning the guest room because we're having company.

15. We have company every September.

16. Is it possible that I could anticipate this and not have to go through this dirty work to be ready?

17. This dresser I've been cleaning - it too, dirty. Very dirty.

18. I sanded it to get the layers of dirt off. 

19. And I glued, repaired, and filled the very brittle veneer.

20. I get to paint today. 

21. WhooHoo!

22. Another dirty job - I've been cleaning up a bunch of old cast iron.

23. If it works I will tell you all about it.

24. My tree slice table is closer to being ready for use.

25. It was dirty work, too.

26. Like 20 hours of sanding.

27. I finally gave up. Now I'm trying to finish it.

28. I want to know. What dirty work you have been up to???? Tell me!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Remember the Giveaway?!

I'm a loser.

An extreme loser.

Once upon a time,

August 16 to be exact.

I had a give-away.

Remember that?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Making An Old Secretary Beautiful Again With Paint and Silver Leaf

A couple of years ago I bought an old secretary style desk at an estate sale. And - in my typical style - I put it in the garage to rest a little bit. 

Or, a lot bit.

A whole lot bit.

Last spring, when I organized the garage I moved it to the front of the line of projects to be done.

But somehow it still didn't get any attention.

Until a few weeks ago when I decided enough was enough!

So I took it apart and started cleaning it up.

It was a bit of a mess.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Beautiful Wicker Chair Makeover

Soon after my friend Jennifer garbage picked the corner piece and decided she would use it on her screened porch, she concluded that an ottoman was necessary for optimal use of this seating.

And last summer she found the perfect chair and ottoman to fit in the opposite corner of the porch. It was white and didn't quite match the creme of the covers on the rehabed luxury seating.

But it was in great shape so it didn't really need anything to make it useable.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Recovered Ficks Reed Garbage Pick

I don't think I ever would have stopped for this.

The rattan is in beautiful shape. The wicker is perfect. The cushions, well they were a little gross, but in pretty good shape.

But it's a corner piece.

Some rich person's corner piece for their Ficks Reed sectional.


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