Friday, March 23, 2012

Thought Bubble Chalk Board

My quest to clean out my "things I WILL make" board on Pinterest continues.  I am succeeding in completing one project a day.  However, I am not succeeding on completing the corresponding blog post daily.  Sometimes it is dark by the time I finish and I can't get a picture.  Sometimes another subject for blogging presents itself.  Or, sometimes I just cant think of what to say.   So I wait.

The other day when I was looking for boards for my Sun Love project I found a sizable piece of MDF in the garage all covered in dust and cobwebby things.  I figured since I had already dragged out all of the saws and stuff I might as well get started on one of the other projects that had been floating around in my mind - a chalkboard thought bubble.

You may have seen this little gem floating around on Pinterest

I have used it to motivate myself to make my first creative post.  My daughter and I had been talking about our love for quotations, using them to keep our minds free of "stinkin thinkin," and having them around the house in some form or fashion - artwork, sticky notes, etc.  I thought I should make her something quote related, but I didn't really want to be limited by one quote. DING! Well how bout that!  A chance to use my idea.  I would make my chalkboard thought bubble for her!

This was one easy peasy project. 

Step 1:  Cut out the board with my 30 year old jig saw.

Step 2:  Sand the board to clean it up and bevel the edges a little.

Step 3:  Paint the board with blackboard paint

The edges of  MDF painted with black paint tend to gather dust and be difficult to clean so I wanted to cover the edges with something - something easy to clean.  Since the edges were curved my options were limited.  I didn't want to use ribbon because it wouldn't be so easy to clean either.

Step 4:  Cover the edges in one of the new patterned versions of Duct Tape.  Wrap the tape around the chalkboard and trim off excess with a razor blade or other sharp object.

Step 5:  Make a hanger by folding the tape you trimmed off in step 4 into 3rds to make a "ribbon" to use as a hanger.

Step 6:  Tie a bow around the hanger ribbon.  This will cover the nail when it hangs.

Step 7:  Tack ribbon to each side of board.  

Step 8:  Condition the chalkboard covering it with chalk and then wiping off.

Step 9:  Write whatever you've been thinking.....

Step 10: Hang it up.

Now you have your very own "TEN-STEP PROGRAM" Har. Har.

Cute huh?

What do you think?

Have you made something wonderful lately?
Make something wonderful TODAY!!!

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The Vivid Professional said...

This is so cute! I've been looking for the perfectly shaped chalkboard for my kitchen, but now I'm thinking I'll just carve my own! Thanks for the inspiration!

P.S. LOVE your blog!

stephanie said...

Another great "quicky" project. I actually think I could do that myself. I loved the duct tape on the edge idea. So...I noticed "Cathing Fire" in one of the pictures. Have you finished that yet?

Meg said...

So cute! I love the quote you chose!

Thanks for sharing on Show Off Saturday!


plaits and paisley said...

Fantastic! Love the quote x

fiona anderson said...

Another great idea - I need to go and create stuff !!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Love it! Especially the trim on the edges ...



Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

First, I am always impressed when a project includes some sort of a power tool. Second, I adore the quote. Nicely done!

I happily returned the favor and am now your newest linky follower too!

amy @

Tisha Clapp said...

Fun idea! And I love that you are working through your "make it" Pinterest board - I really need to do that! Thanks for linking up.

Unknown said...

Soooo cute! I have to make one. My favorite quote...don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good ~ Voltaire

Tresa said...

What a fun and neat project--love yours! I love your "things I WILL make" approach. Kudos to you!

Alli said...

Worth the hard work you put in. Definitely ;-)


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