Monday, August 20, 2012

Why I Shouldn't Be Blogging This Week...

This is my guest room when it is clean.  It is not clean very often.

You have seen bits and pieces of it before - here and here.  Because I still haven't learned to take good pictures in a red room - it looks much better in person.

I also mentioned it here - when I wrote about my messy dining room table,


and mentioned that often occasionally when I clean it off, that I put all the stuff on the bed in my guest room.   When out-of-town guests come then I have to clean the bed off. 

It's like a delayed quality control system.

The only problem is - we haven't had out-of-town guests since Thanksgiving.  I kept it pretty clean through the holidays.  But then I started blogging.

And now it looks like this:

WARNING:  Very messy room warning.  No longer contagious.

At least 30 projects are represented in this array of stuff.

Not sure if that includes the stuff falling out the door or not...

Sometimes I miss my window for making something in a timely manner...

Sometimes I could be making money...

and that fabric will probably get some attention soon.

But FIRST I have to clean this room because I have out-of -town company coming September 8.

No problem you say????  Why am I doing this walk of shame when I have 19 days to get this in order?

Well it's a little bit of a problem because I will be out of town myself for 15 of the 19 days between now and then.  Please don't tell my robbers.

And besides cleaning up this project pit, I have to make a subway art wedding gift and a magical fairy princess super powers cape for a 3 year old.


So you will know - that if I am blogging I am not fulfilling my domestic goddess responsibilities. 

The good news is that if I get this cleaned up in some sort of organized fashion, I will have a good number of projects all lined up and ready to be finished.

We will see...

Am I the only one in the world with this problem?  I know all you organization freaks out there are vowing to never visit my blog again - for fear you might get messyitis. 

Make something wonderful today!


Shamefully linking here:

Savvy Southern Style (because I'm savvy and have such great style!)


Kathryn J Cain said...

Don't open my hall closet..where my art supplies..and stuff is placed no shoved ....and my room where I create.I am glad it is the sun porch,not sure what you would call it..but luck me I can put my mess lets not talk about upstairs...I clean it the guys mess it up,I clean it the guys mess it I quit cleaning

Tami Rebekah said...

Karen! I love that you took a pic of your mess!! That is what my living room looks like after a project! So glad Im not alone! By the way.. your guess bedroom looks great! Did you paint that furniture piece? So cute!

fiona anderson said...

It's not messyitis Karen, it's creativeitis and we're all afflicted.
Good luck with the current to-do list !

Kirby Carespodi said...

Mine looks worse.

Bliss said...

I'm thinking any flat surface is fair game at my house for redirecting the mess, but I don't have an extra bed to use, and dammm that provides a lot of surface!

I am also casting my vote for turning the guest bedroom into a combo craft area guest room. At least that way you don't have far to move it.


Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Did you ever consider that maybe one of us infected YOU with messyitis? It could easily have happened. I too have some clean up to do for company this weekend. My loft sewing room is at this moment a storage dump and it's tiny to begin with. Its about to get dangerously crowded as I will be cramming more and more into it. Let's just hope that tropical storm out in the Atlantic doesn't come our way because the thought of hauling in all the outside junk that's piling up is absolutely frightening and not even a reasonable possibility.

Good luck with the projects and making room for your guests. I feel for ya!

Eclectically Vintage said...

I'm a mover of stuff myself. From the dining room to the living room to the guest room and back again! It's a sign of a creative mind!!

Jean @ said...

I am an organization freak, but my office gets so cluttered sometimes I have no room on my table to work! Sometimes, I've done so much thrift shopping that I can barely get in the door!!Being a neat freak, it's almost driven me to quit...I did say ALMOST!

Cecilia said...

haha, you should see my room. It's overflowing with all sorts of projects in progress. Bad news is I'm being booted to the dining room so I'll have to try to keep things neat. Yikes! I'm in trouble!

Little Miss Maggie said...

Your guest room is related to my office. It's a perpetual mess even when it is clean. Some day I will get it right. In the meantime I must be patient with myself as you must be patient with yourself as well. That's what happens when creativity takes over.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

ok... read the Homeright mop ad...and could NOT look away. Call creepy, but yes! I had to follow the link to see your mess.
Two things.
1.) Its a CREATIVE blogger thing. WE ALL HAVE IT. Even the neat nick...I'm sure they're in denial
2.) I MISS ~Liz~ ^^^^^

She needs to be blogging again!!!
Longest posts EV.ER...WORTH READING.

Bluebirdbasketry said...

You are awesome. My "third bedroom" as we call it looked exactly like this, oftentimes WORSE, and always with a trail out the door.. It stayed like this for fourteen years,mwith a few days of cleanliness, until I would refill it all again.

What made me finally clean it up? Prepping for my hip replacement surgery - in case I died - I didn't want anyone else to have to clean p my mess. I gave away most of it and since I can barely move, it has stayed clean and uncluttered. I love the idea of making part of it into a craft room...I moved my craft stuff to a room in the basement.
This post and here pictures are why I will read your blog for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


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