Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 - The Funny Ones

I crack myself up. Sometimes I'm just so funny. But when I got the idea to do a year-end/almost blogiversary post about my funniest posts I discovered something. All my funny posts were written in my first three months of blogging. I found this hard to believe, because remember, I am so funny. But alas it is true. And it leads me to one of the things I have learned about myself during this year of blogging. My funny has limits. It appears I am only 1/4 funny. I don't know what to think about this. I am wrecked a little disappointed. When I was in college I joked that if I quit cussing, drinking, and smoking that I wouldn't have any personality left. Perhaps I was right. Damn.

But just so you will know that I am not totally funnyboneless, I have compiled my five four (damn!) funniest posts. I'll start with the funniest one. Then, lest you should deem me less funny than I deem myself, you can jump off my self-indulgent funnyboat.

This post may be my favorite of the whole year. It give you a peek straight into my real world - one that does NOT include tablescapes. Check it out here.

Then there is this post where I confess my love for white cake with white icing. I think this was the favorite of those who know me best. Check it out here.

FYI - I get a considerable amount of blog traffic just from this picture of our cake in Google images!

Then I had a major eclipse of the heart. It was when I started obsessing about painting my living room. Check it out here.

And I followed up this post by painting the dining room black. So much for my total eclipse of the heart.

And last and sorta least, I did a 25 things list. It lets you in on all my deepest darkest secrets! Check it out here.

Those brownies - the ones that make people ask me to marry them? You can read about them here.

Hope you laughed and didn't cry.

Make something wonderful today!


PS - if you just like seeing my messes, look here.

Celebrating the new year here:

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Kathryn J Cain said...

I think you and I would have fun

Dianie said...

I think your freakin' hilarious! I have always loved reading your posts and adventures.

It was so much fun reading these posts once again.

Your dining room table posts had me rolling as I love Between Naps on the porch and I too, am amazed at the tablescapes. I linked up once this past Fall. designed,took pics & submitted in the morning, and by lunch time it was swooshed aside.

Thanks for kick starting my morning with a good read.


Bliss said...

No, you are as funny as you think, at least to me. At least I think. My fav was the table one too. On any given day that is what mine looks like. Well except for the orthotics.


Decor To Adore said...

Now THIS was a funny post. And I like seeing your messes. It makes me feel normal. :)

Have a lovely, peaceful and prosperous New Year!

Beth said...

So...what you're sayin' is that I can also post MY tablescapes too? Nah, others will just say mine is a designer knock-off, since we accessorize with many of the same brands & types of decor. wink-wink!

And your love of white frosted white cake? I actually went to a wedding that did NOT have any cake at all. They served many flavors of popcorn! That was just wrong.


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