Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Enter At Your Own Risk. But Don't Judge.


I've decided that January is always going to be a blogging bust for me. I know that sounds pessimistic, which I am not. But I don't organize. And I don't clean. And I don't decorate for Valentines Day. And it appears - in blogging nation at least - that this is what you're supposed to blog about in January. Actually I do clean, and I do organize. But there is no planning involved and no particular beginning or end to my endeavors and the idea of blogging about organizing is unappealing to me. 

I know there are people out there that get really excited about organizing. For you - I've got nothing. 

The truth of the matter is that I have some cleaning and organizing to do. 

A lot.


An almost insurmountable lot. 

An intimidating lot. 

A "this kind-of paralyzes me" lot. 

An "I'd rather do almost anything than have to do this" lot.

And I've done all the legitimate things I can to put it off. I've put away the Christmas decorations - including 300,000 random pieces of sparkling glitter. I've scrubbed out all the cold virus germs that wiped me out over New Years week. I've redone my "winter mantle". I've spent the equivalent of one entire day in the dentist chair. I've checked out (and excluded) a few antique/craft malls where I could possibly sell some stuff. I've lowered my cholesterol 20 points and my blood pressure 20 points. I don't know what else I can do. I can't put it off any longer. 

I have to clean my basement.    (WARNING: Bad picture alert!)

The basement that is supposed to be my project work space. The space where I paint. The space where I store - and FIND - things that I need for my projects. The space where I do laundry. The space where our cat eats. The space where our cat pees and poops. The space where I do my strengthening and flexibility exercises. The space where hundreds of projects lie waiting. Lie waiting to be rescued and turned into something quirky, wonderful, or beautiful. 

It's bad. 

It's very bad. 

I started cleaning last January. And I worked diligently for about 3 weeks days and actually made some progress. Enough progress that I started working on other things besides cleaning the basement. I never made it back to the basement for cleaning. I still did my laundry. I still put more and more things IN the basement...

Thus - the bad. 

The very bad. 

The very very bad. 

The very very bad basement. 

The very very very bad basement. 

That has to be cleaned. Before I can do any new projects. Because there is no room. No room for projects. No room to paint. No room to think. No room to create. No room to feel creative. 

So here's the deal. I have to spend 3 hours a day in that damn basement. (in addition to exercise time) 3 hours that must be completed before I get any computer time. No email checks. No facebook. No checking blog stats. No blog reading. Nothing. Until I've done 3 hours of basement improvement time. That's it. And no new project starts. None. Just saying that makes me melt into the couch with my computer on my lap.

Thankfully I've got a few sets of photos in the computer that I've never blogged about. So I won't have to blog about my horrible basement experiences. I will take a few pictures and report on my progress occasionally. And I will certainly have to report when it's all DONE. 

Because I will be glad. 

I will be very. very. very. glad. 

Glad that I can move on to something new. 


And when the basement is all clean and I get to start on new projects I can start bringing things in from the garage. Because there are some seriously cool projects in our garage.

Could it be that we could get a car in the garage before the last snow of the season?

Wish me luck. 

I'm going under... Far under... 

Make something wonderful today! 


Because even dirty basements get to party...we'll be here:

New Nostalgia
The 36th Avenue


Laura @ duke manor farm said...

girl- you better get busy! :) the cats are getting pretty pissed that there is no place for their privacy!!

Kathryn J Cain said...

I know what would work...if we all did not live so far apart...many of the people on my side Bar and some that come to my email...if we all jumped together..I still can remember how much more fun it was to clean a best friends room then my I would help clean your Texas they are rare...miss them...and you can help me finish the trim on the upstairs doors...stain a shelve unit install. Get all the artwork back on the walls...and all the stuff back on the built in look we are doing I flat out felt like doing thanks for a post of honest sometimes it is too much...

Kirby Carespodi said...

Some of us use January to talk about IMPORTANT things, like drinking and Jodie Foster. But that's to avoid organizing.

Karena said...

Can you coax a friend over with a bottle of wine to help; also ask her to make you get rid of "stuff"you know you don't need!

That's what I am doing anyway!
2013 Artists Series!

Michelle said...

I'd totally come over to help you :) Organizing and cleaning for me at someone else's house is so much easier because it's not my stuff. It's sort of like all childless people know exactly how to raise your kids? yup. :o)

paisleysummer said...

Scary! Maybe it's good I don't have a basement! x

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

You crack me up! You have your hands full! Can't wait to see this room finished girl!

miss flibbertigibbet said...

Nice basement!! When that baby is's gonna be a kick-ass workspace! Such a funny post! So far this month I've posted stuff I ALREADY did! I think I'll go over to Kirby's and drink and talk about Jodie she weird or what?

miss flibbertigibbet said...

Nice basement!! When that baby is's gonna be a kick-ass workspace! Such a funny post! So far this month I've posted stuff I ALREADY did! I think I'll go over to Kirby's and drink and talk about Jodie she weird or what?

Unknown said...

I feel your pain; every single space I walk into is a cluttered mess of chaos. Just the other night I was having "a moment" and started hauling all sorts of things out to the bon fire pit then filled the back of our truck with things for Goodwill. I've only got about five more semi loads to go ~ lol! Would love a Clean Sweep crew to come in!! You go girl!!

Dianie said...

Well I had my gut bustin belly laugh for the day!
This was a funny post.. it hits close to home for me..

I have a dreaded storage room that looks like your basement.. I've put it off for a year or so.

have a jolly good time getting her cleaned up ;)


Unknown said...

Karen Albert:
I don't like wine. It would have to be chocolate chip cookies and milk or a pecan pie cheese cake. And, where do you think Karen got some of that stuff? From my basement or garage picking. Plus, they're her babies. There will be very little tossing - mostly organizing. Seriously, in all that you see is very little trash, mostly project stuff. In my garage or basement it was... would be trash, not in the Quirky household.

Little Miss Maggie said...

Okay, I must confess. My work space looks a lot like your basement. When I start cleaning, I am not creative. Not creative at all because I want it all to go away. So I clean it up and I can find the floor. And then I get creative because I drag a new treasure home, and then the room looks like your basement once again. I hate to break it to you but it's a vicious cycle that never ends. Never, never, never. So make something wonderful today and don't sweat the mess. However, you made me feel a whole lot better about my mess.

Tami Rebekah said...

Love it Karen!! I don't clean or cook!! So my post are very limited!! Love this one!!

Bliss said...

I typed and erased several comments so finally I'm just gonna say LOL!!!!


Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

All, I can think is that a person does need a convenient space for their mowing shoes. On top of paint cans on the stairs sounds like a good place to me. As for the rest, it looks like a great treasure hunt. Maybe you could have a basement sale. Let people come through and feel lucky when they find your cool stuff. As they find the things you do or don't want, you just either let the item go or tell the shopper that's not for sale, set it aside and soon your basement will be cleared out and your treasures pared down and all in one spot. Someone else will have unwittingly done the work for you. I'm a little jealous of all your space and cool stuff. My other suggestion is start the clean out and work in 15 min. increments and treat yourself to something good like a bowl of ice cream or whatever. Then go to 1/2 an hour or an hour. Soon you'll get into it and not need the treats. Either that or you'll gain 20 lbs and need another visit to the dentist. Seriously though, the 15 min. thing works. Usually I end up not wanting to stop once I get started.

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I can just imagine how much more productive you will feel once you have that space tackled once and for all. And clearly I'm not in Valentine craft mode either, we can commiserate together!! :)


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