Friday, March 22, 2013

Tales From The Road

I'm a little delirious. Today I drove from Kansas City to Chicago. 

It was long. And I made it longer by spending some extended periods of time at antique places.  My favorite was at Exit 92 in Kansas (just south of Iowa). I can't remember the city. It was an awesome place. I could tell it was going to be awesome by the junk yard outside. 

It was awesome. They had several old wagons. I've been wanting an old wagon to plant flowers in. They had an old bicycle. I've been wanting an old bicycle to paint pink and plant flowers in (and around). They had old beds. Basically if it was old and rusty, they had it.

But I couldn't get anything from the junk yard. Because I'm saving room in my little car for a big pick up. I've got a big pick up scheduled for tomorrow. There's a chance that it will be too big for my car. That would suck. But I think I can fit it. "It" is a secret. Until tomorrow. When I know if it fits.

But I did get a few small things inside. Boring stuff. I wanted to buy all of these:

But I did not. I don't know why I love old kitchen utensils so much. 

Today I saw some interesting things. But I don't have pictures. Because it's difficult to take pictures while you are driving. 

I saw interesting things. Like the huge truck that was completely overloaded with those gigantic round hay bales. They were hanging over the sides and stacked up 3 deep. Which was probably why the truck got stuck under I-35. It didn't fit under the underpass. The police were there. I'm not sure what they were going to do about it. Probably unload the big hay bales. I wonder what the traffic fine is for getting your hay bales stuck under a bridge and blocking off the whole underpass?

I saw lots of tractors loaded being hauled by 18 wheelers. Big tractors. Or combines. Or plow things. I don't know what they were. They were really green. And really BIG. REALLY REALLY BIG.

Since I'm delirious I've forgotten the other interesting things I saw...

Now that I'm only 250 miles short of finishing my 2600 mile road trip I thought I would give out some "Road Trip Awards". I'm not being silly. This is good information. You never know when you might want to take a road trip from Detroit to Indianapolis to St Louis to Oklahoma City to Kansas City to Des Moines to Chicago and back to Detroit.

The award for the cleanest bathrooms (and cleanest overall) goes to: QT (QuickTrip) I don't know how they manage to always be spotless. Or how the other places where I buy gas, and diet Dr Pepper, and go to the bathroom, can't manage to look spotless.

The award for the best roads goes to: Kansas. Not a pot hole to be found. No annoying ridges that go "ga-guh, ga-guh, ga-guh" as you drive over them mile after mile. 

The award for the least tree debris laying on the side of the highway goes to: once again, Kansas. With a close second for Iowa. Every other state seems to have an unusual amount of dead trees and limbs laying around.

Conversely, the award for the most dead trees and branches on the side of the road is a tie; between Indiana and Illinois along I-70. I notice this because all these dead branches and trees stimulate my imagination. Oh what I could do with all those tree trunks. And branches. At least in my imagination. Because I never stop and pick any up. Ever. I already have enough branches in my garage.

The award for the best farm/barn views from the interstate goes to: Illinois. From the western border to Chicago. Makes me want to get an expensive tele-photo lens and make one of those posters like they have for doors. I'll call it "Barns of I-88 from Davenport, IA to Chicago, IL". Exciting stuff. Maybe I could sell them and become rich. Or not.

The award for the most old, decrepit, shelters, out-buildings, and barns that I have contemplated stopping, climbing the fence, and stealing wood from goes to: Southern Iowa and Northern Kansas. Lots of good wood out there ladies...

The award for the most employees that say HELLO to you really loudly goes to: Love's Country Stores. They say HELLO really loudly. And a lot.

The award for the absolutely BEST March weather goes to: Oklahoma City. Temperatures went like this - 85, 85, 77, 60, 66, 70 - or something like that. Actually, it was 40 on Sunday. But the sun shone so bright that I still had to use the AC in my car.  Well, almost.

The award for the least people on the roads at 4:30 in the morning when I had to drive Mr Quirky to the airport on Sunday morning goes to: again - Oklahoma City. Of course, not only was this the only airport I had to go to but it was the only time I was out of bed driving at 4:30 AM. So maybe this isn't a REAL award. Maybe.

So now it is late. And I am tired. And I have a large load to pick up in the morning.

Hope you haven't missed me too much...

Make something wonderful today!


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Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

This made me laugh at 5 am on Friday. TGIF!

I hope the BIG THING fits in your car!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Makes me wanna take a road trip with you! Stop by and pick me up when you go through SW MO!

Kirby Carespodi said...

Thinking about a spring break road trip to--Kansas! Sweet hay-seuss would you look at that junk!

Unknown said...

I miss Quick Trip. I think maybe we in Michigan aren't ready for the awsomeness that is QT. But I love going there every time I go to KC.

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I'm still here in shock and awe that the BIG package fit. I had my doubts ...

So happy to meet you in person! And thanks so much for lunch. And thanks in advance for not "outing" my messy house!

Wishing you a safe trip home!

:) Linda

Bliss said...

Ga-guh, ga-guh, won-da wat you be pick'n up?


miss flibbertigibbet said...

Holy crap...that's a lotta crap! Oh the places you'll go and the things you'll see.....Dr Seuss via Kirby...she's SO inspiring!! I need to remember all this info...especially if I load up any hay never know...
What could possibly not fit in your car?

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Road trip stories are the best and I do so love to hear that you are out there where the good junk grows and ready to haul in something big! Can't wait to see!

Jane said...

Hi Karen,
I came over from Linda @ Coastal Charm. I was looking through the thumbnails from her Nifty Thrifty party and noticed the pic of the junk you had in your post and knew right away it was Jim's Antiques. I have shopped there numerous times and always come away with something!! A great place to shop for sure! Sorry you couldn't get any treasures in your car but it sounds like you have something worth saving room for.
Sounds like you had a good road trip!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Karen, I think I would have fun there! Love going junkin!

Unknown said...

my heart skipped a beat when i saw your first pic! wish i was there!


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