Monday, July 1, 2013

A Visit With Suzan@Simply Vintageous

Hi Everyone - I'm Suzan - and I blog over at Simply Suzan When the extremely talented and magazine worthy Karen asked if I would be able to guest post my first thought was " Oh no - there's no way I can compete with HER " And then I thought - " hey wait a minute - why does everything have to be a competition Suzan ?" And then I thought - " but you're photos are so lousy " And then I thought - " well maybe they'll just look at the project more then the quality of the photos" And then I thought - " are you crazy?  OR COURSE they're going to look at the photos you dimwit" And then I thought - " meh, I am what I am - which is the world's worst photographer " And then I thought - " surely she knows that anyway " And then I thought - " but her followers don't " And then I thought - " oh well they do now - here goes " SO AS YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE I ACTUALLY PUT A LOT OF THOUGHT INTO THIS POST EVEN THOUGH IT'S AN OLD ONE REVISITED. This is my John Denver Tribute Pallet Art.................
john denver, annie's song, pallet, pallet art
________________________________________________________________________________ Some of you may have noticed that I incorporate words of songs into my posts - a lot - too much? lol I can't help it - for some reason it's how my brain works - it registers lyrics to almost every situation I find myself in - that and the fact that I have to have music playing when I'm doing anything at all................. It looks like that headboard I so desperately wanted to buy - was not meant to be - one thing or another kept preventing us from picking it up - ( and then someone mentionned it probably had evil spirits attached to it and that's why it was alluding me - and that's all I needed to hear - seriously :) So in searching around the house for something to actually make - or build - or paint - that I could POST about ( walking around from room to room - with one hand on my hip and the other on my chin - with my eyes darting all around )  I sadly could only find my pile of pallet wood - leaned up against my bedroom closet, and not one to pass up any opportunity - I seized the moment - dragged John off the bed and had him help me out a little. Suzan says - John could you help me out with something in the kitchen John says - Sure Sorry - everyone - John was extremely agreeable to EVERYTHING I asked him tonight - not quite sure why yet - but it's makes for a boring post I know.
making pallet wood art, Annie's song,
I'm using 12 slats for this project - and 2 extra ones to secure it all together to make this Does anyone else use their kitchen island as a saw horse? First I dabbed some carpenter's glue onto each slat in a straight line
John Denver tribute, Annie's Song, Making Pallet Art, Stencils
then I placed the 2 extra slats length wise across it - and John hammered it all in for me
Pallet Art, Using stencils for art, Using Sharpies for stencilling,
There now we can just turn it around - and bring it to the dining room table - so I can work on my new canvas - I did a quick dry brush of Annie Sloan Pure White - leaving a lot of the wood showing - to keep it very rustic looking
John Denver tribute, Annie's Song into Art,
and then this is where my love of words kicks in - seeing as it's Valentine's Day coming up soon - and I'm really not much of a Valentine's day kind of person (other than I want flowers and chocolate and a card because it's all about me on that particular holiday -  ) I thought a love song would be nice on this My old faithful stencils came out ( both the dollar store ones and the ridiculously priced ones because I want to mix this baby up lol ) and my Sharpie ( hey Sharpie - I've certainly been promoting you a lot lately - maybe you could send me a pack of them??? ) and I went to town................... I love John Denver - really really love him -
Annie's Song, John Denver Tribute, Pallet Art
Here Danni - I added a cupid in Pic Monkey just for you - stop bugging me about Valentine's Day projects now!!!
Oversized DIY Pallet Art, Sharpie Art, Stencilled art
I added a photo with a chair so you see just how large this really is
john denver tribute, annie's song tribute,
even when you think you have no food in the house - you can always make soup, right?
Oversized pallet art, John Denver Tribute Art, Annie's Song lyrics on art
hmmm - I may have to paint the ram's head the meantime wouldn't this make a great headboard?
John Denver Tribute, Annie's Song artwork, pallet board art, Annie Sloan chalk paint for art
isn't pallet wood just the best for rustic anything?
DIY Pallet art, John Denver, Annie's Song, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
My daughter is getting married on June 29 - and this will be part of the decoration ( do you hear me Lindsay???? ) This will be a completely untraditional wedding - trust me - you can read a little about it HERE and her slightly different song choices HERE Thanks so much Karen - feel free to fix any of the photos lol And thanks everyone for taking the time to come
by! Big hugs,

Thanks so much Suzan! Hope the wedding was all your daughter wanted it to be!

Guys, I'm back now, but my sister is visiting and we spent practically all of today editing pictures from my trip. I've got lots of checking up to do! Thanks for being welcoming to my guests. I'll be back on the blog soon with lots of stuff to show you!

Have a great weekend and I hope you've been making wonderful things!



Kirby Carespodi said...

Love it! Hope the wedding was everything your daughter hoped it would be, Suzan!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said... over think things!! Your post is funny and your project is great! Hope you're recuperating!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Welcome Back Karen! Suzan hope you are recovering! Can't wait to hear about the wedding!

Little Miss Maggie said...

That is a great project for a wedding or a headboard or a wall or a garden sign. Fabulous!

Cocalores said...

How cool! Love the design, it looks great! It seems great minds think alike because I just did a similar handwritten sign from an old door :-)

NanaDiana said...

Well, I am your newest follower because you love my girl, Suzan. We are crazy together-her and I- so if she likes you- I like you. Great post (even though I DID read it before, Suzan!;>) Blessings and have a great week- xo Diana

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Gorgeous as usual...John both Denver and the Hubs must be proud ;)

Bliss said...

Let me drown in your laughter...

mail4rosey said...

I heard Suzan was visiting so I came to take a look. :) My mom was a huge John Denver fan, and now I'll be signing his music in my head today. ;)

I'm your latest follower, and I love all of Suzan's work, so I think this was a fab. feature. :)

Happy Tuesday to ya!

Jean @ said...

My favorite John Denver song:

From one over-thinker to another!

Art and Sand said...

Love Suzan's sign and of course her conversations with herself and with John.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Still love this sign, Suzan! I can't wait to see the pics of the wedding.
Karen, glad you are home from your trip and looking forward to the tales of your adventures.

ShopUsed said...

Oh Lord. Just found you. I've followed some fabulous blogs, but I think you and I might have been soul mates in another life (or perhaps even in this one?). I'll be retiring in a couple of years and just purchased a house in a gated lake front community at an unbelievable price- one I could never have afforded in a normal real estate market. It had been on and off the market since 2009, and no one else wanted it simply because it has a HUGE room (1,400 sf) in the back that once housed an indoor pool (which has now been covered with a floor). I guess no one else could see the potential. But I took one look and immediately saw "STUDIO!" The realtor tried to talk me out of it, and laughed (nervously) when I told him what I wanted to offer. He said, "I know this Seller. He'll never go for it. In fact, you'll insult him." BUT, when I got it for HALF the asking price he changed his tune and became almost excited as I was! I can't wait to start filling that room with "quirky" creations of my own that have been swimming around in my head for years just itching to get out. Your blog will inspire me even more to turn out fun, unpredictable creations! Sorry for the long post, but I'm just that excited to find you. Thanks!!

carol said...

I just found your delightful blog and I'm very much enjoying a browse around. I let out an audible gasp when I saw this sign. This song was in our wedding so I immediately fell in love with it! Thanks for all the great inspiration


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