Wednesday, August 7, 2013

On The Road To Haven

When I bought my ticket for the Haven Blog Conference in January the first thing I did was contact my friend Jennifer (sometimes known here as The Reader) and ask her if she would like to take a road trip with me come August. I knew I would be driving to Haven, and that Atlanta was a little farther than I would want to drive in one day. Jennifer has family both in Kentucky and in North Carolina, and those are just handy dandy stopping points when you are driving from Michigan to Atlanta. My plan was we would visit her parents in Kentucky and then I would drop her off at her sister's in North Carolina. Sister has a one month old baby so Auntie Jennifer was perfectly willing to help a girl out and keep her company on the road to Haven.

Visiting the parents meant I got to spend some time with my old friends - 

side table #1 

and side table #2

Side table #1 gets to hang out with this absolutely gorgeous porcelain lamp from Taiwan. I wish I had taken a close-up picture so you could see how gorgeous it is.

Table #2 just hangs out alone. Poor thing. I added some flowers so she wouldn't be naked and embarrassed in her picture. She already has a complex because she had to sit in the garage unpainted for almost a year longer than Table #1. And she never got her own post on the blog...just a guest post over at the Inspiration Cafe. Still beautiful after all these months. 

I think they were glad to see me.

I got to sleep in this lovely big bed with french doors that open out to the screened porch. Kind of like being on a sleeping porch, with a tad more luxury...

You might be able to tell from the lighting in these pics that it was a cool, cloudy, misty day in Kentucky.  Otherwise, I 'm sure there would have been no sleeping without the air conditioner in July.

Something else I noticed in this room - the wonderful handles on this desk. I think they cried out to be painted and waxed with antiquing wax. Perhaps it was a good thing I didn't have paint with me.

I also got a peek at this nifty bedside table that Jennifer has waxed rhapsodic about ever since she saw them next to her parent's bed.

You see, they have this nifty area directly under the top of the table that slides out over a little secret cavity or drawer. Now wouldn't this be nifty to have? Not that I have anything that needs to be hidden in a super-secret hidden cavity next to my bed. But I have heard about these things...  Jennifer thinks that having a bedside table like this would help her keep her bedside table cleared off.  I say DREAM ON Jennifer. Just between you and me - I think she might need 3 of these super-secret hidden cavities next to her bed to hold every book, kleenex, receipt, reader, bottle of calcium, flashlight, remote control (multiples), clock, noise maker, that sit on top of her bedside table.

I do however think that a sliding top, over a secret cavity, would be just super-duper beside my bed.

Then we hit the road for North Carolina. Gotta love driving through the Smokey Mountains. 

This the area that heads out to the scenic overlook at the North Carolina welcome center. If you walk down a long path you can take pictures from a look-out. I did not walk out. This was pretty enough for me.

FYI. There are some curvy roads in these parts. With big hills. Lovely. Beautiful.

We spent the day in Ashville, NC. It was a great day. But I'm not going to tell you about it until I can figure out how to get the pictures from my phone to my computer. I seem to always forget the steps for that. Silly me.

North Carolina sister lives in Sylva. This is the view from their back deck - their back yard.

Now why would anyone want to live there?

Then I had a photo session with my favorite Super Hero - Aeryn the Prodigious Princess.

Apparently she has outgrown her need to wear a tutu at all times and has perhaps destroyed the lovely pink feather boa that came with the cape. I think maybe she wanted to be taken a little bit more seriously. The take home message here is that this cape I made has held up to the rigors of the life of a 3 year old super hero. That makes me happy.

I love seeing my old projects in their new homes. Do you have any projects you get to visit with occasionally?

Next stop - Atlanta.

Make something wonderful today!


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Laura @ duke manor farm said...

So happy to follow along on the road trip and to meet u at haven.

Kirby Carespodi said...

So...two posts in two days? Yay for you! I am getting some ready, but it's slow going here. I keep tripping over pieces of wood!

miss flibbertigibbet said...

What a fun post! There's nothing more fun than being a least for me.....I don't get to do it much!

Unknown said...

It was a great trip! Thanks so much for letting me tag along and see my family. It was a great break and my sister said having help with the baby was great.

I love that lamp. I'm kind of shocked it sits in a guest room instead of being somewhere you see it all the time. Since that's the guest room we usually use, I'm very appreciateive.

Finally, I will have a clear bedside table someday! I will! We must find something we can take the top off of and put one of those on. Even a little reduction in the clutter will be good.

Unknown said...

It sounds like you had a great trip and what a great idea to visit your friend's family along the way. That little girl is really cute and looks like she adores her cape too. I have painted a few things for my sister so I get to see them all the time. I'm visiting from Jen Rizzo's party.

Di Jinx said...

Hi Karen,
Love your blog! This post was a great idea...because the getting there is sometimes as great as the destination.
Thanks for sharing:) Di {CookTheTV}


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