Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why It Can't Be Fall Yet

You don't have to visit many blogs or other forms of social media to know there are bloggers all over America chomping at the bit to decorate for fall. 

My response to this is Bahh Humbug! IT IS NOT FALL!!!!

It cannot be fall. I haven't finished summer yet.

I had all these things I was supposed to get done this summer. All these things that were going to make my life beautiful. All these things I was going to blog about. 

These things would make me famous.

Spring was so promising. I dug. And transplanted. And spread (compost). And pruned. I ordered new fabric to make cushions and pillows for a new seating area. 

And I was going to paint my hoosier cabinet. 

I did buy the paint. A new kind. I was going to tell you all about it.

And I was going to have beautifully spaced, un-slug-eaten gardens. If I had them I would have taken pictures that weren't washed out by the sun.

But remember the 6 yards of compost we put in the yard? Well the plants really liked that.

They grew to monstrous proportions.

There are actually two kinds of beautiful ferns crammed into this space that is overgrown by hostas.

Behind this hydrangea are three huge hostas, one peony, one large rose bush, and irises. I can't even see them. I can't move the rose bush because the thorns are numerous and deadly. But the three beautiful dark blue hostas will have to be transplanted. And the irises. And maybe the peony.  Then I have to find some space for them by pulling out something else. This process will take days.


My Dahlias have not even bloomed yet!

I haven't even reclined on my daybed once!

I haven't found a place to put the last of the 40 bags of mulch. Or the EXTRA bags of compost Mr Quirky thought we needed and have been sitting in the driveway for months.

I haven't even planted the Pursalane in the pots under my glass towers. Or hung the hanging concrete planter I filled with succulents (three months ago).

And I haven't even put away all my estate sale treats that were already supposed to be turned into something else...


I haven't even solved my 2013 gardening dilemmas.

Like why does my Ninebark grow on one half and bloom on the other half? Both sides were pruned equally...

How do I cope with a porch, garden, and yard that look like Spiderman visited overnight? EVERY DAY! My spiders can weave a net over an entire patch of hostas in one night.



Everywhere there are spiders!


Because I have to once again enter Fall knowing I killed yet ANOTHER dogwood tree (my fourth).

And see that pitiful looking bush inside the fence on the left? That's one of two Black Lace Elderberries that I split and moved because together they were just too big.  They overgrew the corner of the front garden by June of each year.


This is what it looks like by May every year (actually this is 2009, they are much bigger in 2013). If they stayed this size I could have left them where they were. 

But I split them. Because they were huge. The front one recovered eventually. It was touch-and-go there for a couple of months.

 I need them to recover a little more before it actually IS Fall.

One of the things that gets me the most about all this Fall excitement is that is comes from all the Southern Chicks. The ones that live in states where it is still 95 degrees every day. 


I guess if I lived in the South and suffered through a long hot summer I would probably be all excited by the promise of cooler days.

But for this chick in Michigan, where the summers can be drool worthy, Fall is a re Mminder that winter is coming. And if you want to know how I feel about that...well click here to read that. It was my VERY FIRST POST!

It is not is not is not is not is not is not fall...

Make something wonderful today!


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Kirby Carespodi said...

Well...technically, it's NOT fall! Technically, we have a few weeks. Technically, you can still cram all those things in. Technically.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

It IS Fall! September, October, November! Deal with it, Michigan woman. We must abide by the calendar or there will be chaos across the land. Chaos, I tell you. Even in the South. ;)

Nancy said...

As one of those southern chicks, you are right. We just want some relief from HOT. ;) Maybe we are so delusional from the heat we think if we decorate, Fall and cooler weather will come sooner.

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

I will really have no idea how to decorate when I get back from Italy. I will be so confused! If you are like me I will always have projects that have to be done! Love the goodies from the estate sale...

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

If it is still hot enough to splash in the pool...then it's not fall. I am not ready for soups and chili and the firepit.

Colleen said...

Having 28 days of triple digit numbers...........Yes, I'm ready for fall and cooler temperatures. Really bad when it's that hot and no air movement whatsoever :{
What lovely plants you have.
Such a sad looking dogwood tree tho. Hopefully your neighbors aren't spraying their yard with something they shouldn't. If so, it could be the cause of your tree not making it or there may be something down in the soil. Have it tested before planting another tree or anything else there.
Have a great and wonderful weekend

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Good Lord girl! What have you been doing all summer??!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one who kills dogwoods on a regular basis. I'm curious to know how and where you hang a huge concrete planter! It's gorgeous! You know I'm one of those girls pining for fall, but I love winter long as we get snow!

Bliss said...

I'm gonna do a post in January. A THIS IS Winter post. Then it will make sense to everyone why this is not Fall. But for the love of God, spray for spiders, and I don't know what's the matter with you, I can't kill a dogwood if I try, they have taken over here.

Unknown said...

IT'S NOT FALL!!!!!!!!!
I haven't even got a suntan yet -
and not to scare everyone but last night I went to bed with COLD FEET -
OMG - is it happening?
I can't deal with it - seriously cannot deal with it!
Karen I want to see photos of your home - that stone work looks amazing!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I must agree with Kirby...technically, it's NOT Fall.
I'm not ready for the calendar to be flipped yet either...only because like you, I've got so much that needs doing!!! Where does the time go?
...the problem? I haven't gotten anything done, cause it's just to dang HOT!!! I'd rather float around the pool.
You can't do that in the Fall.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I'm not accepting fall yet either
I still am loving my summer flowers

your plants are really pretty

chateau chic said...

You're right, it's not yet fall according to the calendar and the weather. But you know how it is in retail...seems like the same in blogland! :-)
Mary Alice

Art and Sand said...

It is not FALL for me either. Summer just arrived on my part of the coast with sunny and hot days. I am wearing shorts and tees without a sweatshirt and loving my time in the garden or on the beach. And, when fall arrives in 2 weeks, I will still hang onto summer until the I am forced to face the fact that summer is gone.

Your garden is lovely and needs your green thumb and maybe the mulch.

Jean @ said...

It isn't Fall, yet, but would you hate me if I said I was looking forward to it. Fall...not Winter, mind you. It's been in the 90's way too much here and with no air conditioning...I'm over it!! Bring on the cool air. I am with you on the whole...didn't get all my Summer stuff done, though. There's never enough time...

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

I agree with you - Bahh Humbug! IT IS NOT FALL!!!! I don't know why everyone rushes a season, they come soon enough! I love fall, but I can wait till its fall. Gosh you get a few of your projects done before it arrives. I think you front garden is beautiful!

miss flibbertigibbet said...

I thought it was Fall when I got to open my windows and actually sit on the porch......for two the AC is going back on because we're heading back to the 90's would list all the things I was going to do this Spring and Summer but it would be too long. The blessing is at my age, that time seems to collapse so it will be another Spring before I know it and since my memory is crappy....I won't be able to remember soon what it was I was going to do anyway. See? That's why old people get so happy eventually.


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