Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Mantel

Happy 11 days until Christmas!

I love this mantel.

I love this mantel so much I want to marry it.

I always crush on my Christmas mantels.

Just like women crush on their OB/gyns after when they are pregnant.

I know it's just  CLH - Christmas Light Hormones.

You know what Christmas Light Hormones are don't you?

They are the hormones that flood your brain when you walk into a room lighted only by Christmas lights. 

CLH makes me want to sleep on my couch. So I never have to leave him.

CLH makes me want to leave my Christmas mantle up for the entire year. 

I want to leave it up, and celebrate anniversaries with him.

The only thing I would change is the garland. 

Maybe that could be my 1st Anniversary gift to him.

For our engagement present I gave him a new paint job.

Since I'm going to paint the living room this year, I decided to get a head start on it.

It made me love him even more.

Way more.

I loved his previous faux painting job. It may have been my favorite faux painting job. Ever.

But the new white tuxedo will be lovely for our wedding.

I've figured out what I will do to keep the love lights burning.

I'll just buy lots of extra lights and use them for my spring mantel.

And my summer mantel.

And my fall mantel.

Then I will love them too.

Do you think that will make him jealous?

Does that make me a mantel slut?

Have you ever married your Christmas mantel?

Do you suffer from CLH withdrawal when your Christmas mantel goes away?

Make something wonderful today!


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Betty said...

Absolutely gorgeous mantle. Your post totally slayed me. You gave me ideas and a great laugh. Thanks!

fiona anderson said...

Yes, but fairy lights (as we call them) are like dogs, they're not just for Christmas !


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