Monday, December 16, 2013

Glass Globe Christmas Tree

Happy 9 days before Christmas.

I'm tired of my rooms so I'm gonna take you outside today.

Right outside my back door.

The back porch if you will.

But I'm not going to show you the part of the porch that is piled up with furniture that needs to be put in the basement, but got covered with snow yesterday and today.

Do you ever tire of hearing about my messes?

If you are new around these parts, you may not know that I'm a fan of the glass globe tower.

If you aren't new, you might remember these

I built these a couple of summers ago. I've collected more globes, but I haven't made another tower yet. Maybe this summer.

In the meantime - when I was taking down the towers for the winter a couple of weeks ago, I got the wild idea to move that short base up to the porch and put together a little globe Christmas tree of sorts.


I made it basically like I made these. Except the rebar that goes up the center is not buried into the ground. Also since it is protected from the wind and weather I only used lamp attachments on the bottom globe (at the base and at the top).

I love these little miniature red globes.


People were very concerned that I didn't light the other towers. 

I did light these. It was easy because the tree isn't directly exposed to the weather and is right next to a plug. I was also able to use the wiring hole in the base to stick the cord through.

 I made this star from a little wooden star that was hanging around in the basement.

It's kinda nice to see when I'm coming in the back door. 

Make something wonderful today!


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Art and Sand said...

I have never seen your glass globe towers. I love them. I need to think about how I can make something like it. I am afraid that our rambunctious puppy would knock one over.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

These are so beautiful. They remind me of bottle trees.
I love the glass globes of all colors, I guess you can say I'm a collector too. I keep them as swags in my living room (a nod to the 70s') I also have a couple of vintage amber hobnail lamps...that I love!
I suppose buying these globes up at thrifts and yardsales is the way to go,huh? do you have a tutorial? I'm going to check out your links...

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Ha me again... apparently, I have a retention problem! I read that post of DIY totems... now, with the refresher...I remember, and I still love them.
Gorgeous. I do have a bottle tree now...but no totem. Hmmm...someday.

NanaDiana said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Those are just fun and I love the one you put together for Christmas. I love things like this- that's what makes you "somewhat quirky". lol xo Diana

fiona anderson said...

I remember your globe towers really well, I can't believe that you posted about them two summers ago. The Christmas one is absolutely perfect, and I love your mirrored star.

Cindy said...

Your globe towers are beautiful! I love them!

Little Miss Maggie said...

Fabulous! This was genius and I like that you lit it up.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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