Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Little Sunshine


Have you been shoveling snow?

I have.

And I have a predicament.

The snow in my yard is 2-3 feet deep.

The snow on the edges of the driveway - where we shovel the snow to as we clear the driveway - is 3-5 feet tall, depending on where you are. 

It is hard to lift the snow and throw it over or onto those tall piles of snow.

But today it was worth it. It was over 32 and if you could get the snow off the ice, the ice would melt.  Except where the damn ice ice dams at the edge of the roof are dripping water so fast that that it's just making slush and will refreeze by 7 pm tonight.  

I also raked the roof today. When you live in a Tudor you have to rake the snow off the edge of the roof to try to avoid ice dams (3-6 inch thick and even wider rows of ice that form as the snow melts and weighs down the gutters and potentially damages your roof). 

Raking the roof is not fun. And worst of all, typically I don't remember to do it until AFTER I have already cleared the driveway underneath the areas where I need to rake.

Also, to make it really effective you should do it DURING the snow storm. The heavier the storm the more important it is.

But who wants to do that??????

So anyway - today I cleaned as much of the snow off the edges of the roof as I could when there are giant ice dams formed along the edge of the roof....

But enough about that!

Guess what today is?

It's National Drink Wine Day!!!!!

So I went to my picture archives to pull out this picture...

so I could wish you "happy glass of wine" in good fashion.

Which I do.

Wish you a "happy glass of wine."

And then I saw this

and this

and this 

And I thought maybe that seeing a few of these pictures that I've taken in Napa and Sonoma Valleys over the years would help you with your winter blues - and whites.

So here goes.



I can feel the sun on my shoulders.

I know some of you only have about a month left of winter. We have at least two.

I think I will be looking at a lot of pictures...

You northern girls - well, you're welcome to look at my green pictures any time you want to.

Make something wonderful today.


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Kirby Carespodi said...

These are beautiful, Karen! Thanks for sharing!

Art and Sand said...

I don't drink wine, but I will make sure Steve and KC have a glass (or two or three) with dinner tonight.

My iceland poppies are just opening in our front. I love the delicacy of the iceland poppy petals.

Gorgeous photos!

Little Miss Maggie said...

Napa is my favorite place to visit in California. It's beautiful all year round and is truly a magical place. So I will raise my wine glass to you and all of you living in snow country. I wish you an early spring or better yet, a trip to Napa or Sonoma where you can get away from the cold. May your wine warm your heart.

Rita C at Panoply said...

Great post, and I can relate, if only in a small way. Last week we had 8", I went out to shovel walkways. Had the same issues - piled too high to get the shovel above & over it. Then decided the portico balcony needed shoveled - had to redo the walkways. Then I decided my huge boxwoods needed to be brushed before the thaw & refreeze.

But today? It was a beautiful 55° - unusual for our region, but I'll take it! Cheers to better days ahead!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Well cheers dear!

Laurel@ChippingwithCharm said...

Thanks so much for the lovely green!! Things are VERY white here too. Just think how much we'll appreciate the green this year :)


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