Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Little Valentine Treat

When I saw these adorable little Valentine Pinatas by Anne at Circus Berry I thought they must be the perfect Valentine craft. I couldn't wait to make a bunch of them for my neighbor's daughters. 

They were so cute. And stuffed with M&Ms. What could be better?

I showed the picture from Pinterest to my friend and neighbor. She loved them. We thought they would make a great Valentine for her youngest to take to school for her Valentine exchange. We thought we would make up a few to test the "is this a good craft for a 10 year old" factor. 

So I grabbed up the supplies from my stash. And we set out to make a batch of the cutest little heart pinatas ever.

We cut the toilet paper rolls into thirds, cut the tissue paper into strips and rounded up some yarn to make the little hangers for the hearts.

Then we flattened the toilet paper roll pieces and inverted one of the creases to turn it into a heart.

Then we tied a knot at the end of a yarn loop and pulled it through a hole in the heart with a crochet hook.

At this point we were still pretty excited about the hearts and their potential.

Then came the whole gluing the tissue paper onto the heart thing. The instructions said to spread the ModPodge onto the roll and lay strips across the heart until it is covered. (read Anne's post to see the exact wording please!) And to do this until all but a little corner was covered. 

Here is where we went wrong. I did what she said, but I used the ModPodge on all the surfaces of the heart - front and sides - and she just used it on the sides. I was going by memory here and didn't remember the whole dry front and back thing. I just kept putting on strips and gluing them all together. 

What resulted was a very sticky, tricky mess. Some were cute and OK. Some were misshapen and bumpy.  

At this point I decided that this was hard. Very hard to do. I'm a very patient and diligent maker of stuff. But my patience and diligence must be rewarded with something that pleases me. Our results were not entirely pleasing to me...

Then young daughter came home from school. She thought they were cute and jumped right in to learning how to make them so she could make them for her Valentines.  

Well what was hard for this long time, very patient crafter, was REALLY hard for a 10 year old. After the first one - and my very ill-timed burst of laughter and subsequent laugh attack brought on by the very very very unfortunate looking heart pinata made by this poor dear girl - we were positive that these were not the appropriate craft for her valentines.

We finished up as many as we could bear and let them dry for several days. Then we filled them with M&Ms and sealed them up with another couple of strips of tissue paper. We also "neatened up" the more unfortunate little hearts. Then they had to dry for a few more days.

I braved the 3 feet of snow in my backyard and clipped a branch from a red-twig dogwood hanging over my back fence.

I stuck it into a pot from - guess where - my stash, and hung them on the branches for their photo session.

It actually turned out pretty cute. 

The best part though is breaking open the pinatas and eating the M&Ms.

I called the neighbor and told them to come get their tree before I ate all their candy!

The best news is that early this week I opened my email to find this wonderful, 10-year-old appropriate Valentine craft over at my fiend Linda's

No fits of laughter. No hurt feelings. No fingers stuck to tissue paper. No glue all over the counter. Just a little Valentine as cute as the girl who made them.

I hope your Valentines Day is filled with those you love and who love you!

Make something wonderful today!


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Art and Sand said...

Your little hearts turned out cute.

I remember making little pinatas with my pre-school students decades ago. We used graham cracker boxes and filed them with little toys. The 3 and 4 year olds had fun putting the tissue paper all over the boxes.

Thanks for bringing back a long forgotten memory.

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Those turned out really cute! Good for you for braving the snow for that branch! What a fun idea Karen!

Bliss said...

Since I have never described myself as patient with anything, I won't be making any of these.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I think they are adorable, Karen.
Hope you had a great day!

Angie Forte said...

Cute project! Thanks for sharing at Something To Talk About Link Party!

Unknown said...

Karen, those are soooo cute and I would have never thought toilet paper rolls. That's a Hometalk Feature for sure!!! thanks so much for sharing at the Something to Talk About Link Party. Have a great week, Lisa

The Crowned Goat said...

Karen these are SO cute! You're the best writer. I feel like I'm crafting right there with you even though I'm in a rainy Florida today. I can't even imagine 3 feet of snow. You have a gracious heart and I'm sure one proud little girl. I can't wait to share this. Hugs, Coco


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