Friday, April 4, 2014

A Bunny Bunting

Hello! Happy weekend!

This is bunting/banner/garland number two.

Aren't these fun burlap colors?

I ordered a lot of spring colors from Online Fabric Store when they had their burlap sale.

I kind of went burlap crazy.

And I'm not even a burlap chick.

This was going to be easy.

Just trace the bunny, cut it out, glue on a button for the eye, cut a fleece poof for the tail, glue it on, and string them together with twine.

But this burlap is very loosely woven and was really floppy.

I should have put some ModPodge on it before I cut it out. 

That would have helped it hold its shape.

But I did not.

When I realized that I had floppy (gasp) bunnies I decided to cut out felt to sew on to the back of the burlap.

Fortunately I had all the right colors from the Easter Egg Banner I made previously.

I just stitched it on with a running stitch.

This is a running stitch:

These bunnies are way more fun than the ones that eat up your garden in the spring.

And they don't poop.

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Bliss said...

I think my bunnies have been floppy for quite a few years now.

NanaDiana said...

So cute, Karen. I am not fond of working with burlap -although I love the looks of makes me itchy. I have used iron on fusing to stiffen burlap before, too....but the stitching on yours is much cuter! xo Diana

Art and Sand said...

Cute bunnies - I would never have thought to use burlap.

Your picture reminds me so much of a dear friend who now lives in Australia - divorce . . . on line boyfriend . . . new life among incredible wildlife on the beach in Australia.

Anyway, you last line about the bunnies not pooping sounded just like something Linda would say.

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Adorable, simply cutely adorable. Love the burlap colors I'll have to check those out. Was nice meeting at the conference and sharing a few.


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