Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Wooden Ladder Bedside Table

A couple of years ago, right after I started blogging, I wrote about this ladder.

It is an apple ladder. I bought it thinking it would make a great bedside table.

I was wrong.

It is HUGE.

Way too huge for the area I had available beside the bed.

So I put it in the opposite corner and moved on.

But last summer I found another ladder. 


It's a little like a regular ladder. 

It's wooden.

It's spattered with paint.

But it's a little different.  It's got moves. 

The middle shelves fold up. That's way cool. 

It means I could have something tall - like a lamp - on the shelves. 

I like that.

So. Finally. I did it. 

I moved my bedside table to the other side of the bed and put up the ladder.

My lady lamp didn't fit.


So I had to use the boy lamp.

But that's OK

I really like the way it looks when the light is on.

It illuminates my baby girl's face.

I'm thinking that the next time I mix up some white milk paint I will give it a little coat of white paint. 

But I'm not sure.

I wish you could see it in person...

It looks even better.

Tell me. 


Should I paint it? 

Or leave it in it's spattered glory?

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Leslie Harris said...

You are so creative! I really like this look...but I'm not sure I would paint it. But sometimes waiting and walking by it enough will give you that answer.

Art and Sand said...

Okay, I am in love with your ladder and how you staged it.

To paint or not to paint? I think either works.

I know, that's not much help.

Little Miss Maggie said...

Very unique idea. I might dab a little paint hear and there or maybe drip it on in big drips. Looks gorgeous with the light on. Clever thinking as usual.

fiona anderson said...

Personally I would leave it in all it's paint splattered glory. What a great idea for a bedside table. I definitely would never have thought of that one !

Michelle H said...

That ladder is fantastic!! I just posted my own(unpainted) ladder shelves a couple days ago. It took me forever to figure out how I wanted it! Yours is perfect for your bedside, you've got me thinking - I still have one old ladder left!

Anonymous said...

I would leave it as is. I love the glorious patina is has! Beautiful!

Gigi @ Old World Patina


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