Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Sorta New Kitchen Light

I'm a bright kitchen light kind of girl.

I like to see what I am cooking.

So it made me sad that the ceiling light in my kitchen only worked halfway.

That means that only one of the two lightbulb sockets would light up a lightbulb.

That left me with a 60 watt kitchen. And sucked.

It happened (I think) because we had an upstairs plumbing leak that went straight to the fixture.

It needed to be replaced.

But I'm cheap.

And truth be, I didn't want to buy a boring light.

I've been wanting to make something - well - FANTASTIC.

I have lots of ideas

with varying reasons why they won't work or why I can't do them right now.

In the meantime . . .

I was living a half-lit kitchen life.

And that's a sad way to live.

So I went to the basement.

To the lamp shelf.

Buried somewhere in here was a 4-light, shiny brass, with glass inserts, hanging lantern.

I decided it would do until I can firm up my creativity and make the light I want.

So I took it apart into a million pieces, hung it on string, and spray painted it black.

I know you are disappointed to not see a before picture...

I'm sure you will get over it.

Then I had to remember how to put it back together!

It took a minute.

To remember.

I had decided not to put the glass back in and I think it would have been easier to put together if I had used the glass inserts.  Also I eventually figured out that the glass actually helps those little curved (horizontal) pieces stay in place with proper spacing. Without the glass they are a little hard to put together and not just a little wonky.

So now I have a wonky not entirely attractive make-do kitchen light hanging in the kitchen.

But it has FOUR lightbulbs that work! And these are only 40 watt. It holds up to 60 watt and I think I'll try those next time.

I'm thinking I could maybe just find a wire basket, or some other type of "shade" to go around the center section and take off the wonky parts.  I think I might like that.

Look how bright it is!

And it makes nice little shadows on the ceiling.

What do you think I should do to make this light better?


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Laura @ duke manor farm said...

look at that light collection you have! I think it may look good on a longer chain, is that possible.

camp and cottage living said...

I love your new(old) light!
And I love that you shopped from home to get it.
So glad I found your blog...

Kirby Carespodi said...

You are right--it's a little wonky. glass is good, and a shade is good, too. What about a drum shade? I don't know if that'll solve the problem, because I'm not sure how you'd attach it.

Bliss said...

I like it. Do you want to put it on a chain to lower it a bit?

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Do you still have the glass inserts? Are they clear? Would it be possible to wrap them in chicken wire and then reattach? I may be way off.

Anonymous said...

I like your light very much. It's unexpected and beautiful as is!

Gigi @ Old World Patina

Art and Sand said...

I actually like your wonky, make do light.

And, I am amazed that there is a lamp shelf in the basement. I have a lot of stuff in my attic, but there is no lamp shelf.

Unknown said...

I sware I love it just the way it is!! It looks unique.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Little Miss Maggie said...

For a make shift light it's fantastic. Not like any kitchen lighting I have ever come across. Very creative.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I like wonky... I'm currently in the same situation in the bedroom! Hahaha! I mean the same lighting situation...
I have no over head light at the moment. The ceiling fan wasn't working so we took it down. Then we took the light kit off and put it on the ceiling fan in the living room-- well, guess what THAT ceiling fan started misbehaving INSTANTLY! So, we took the light off and put the old one back on the living room fan. Left the bedroom fan and light OFF! WHY? because it is cheaper to buy a new fan with a light kit that to buy the little HOODIS on the inside of the light kit that runs the fan and the light!
Yes, I know I could have posted all this on my own blog-- but who would read it? At least now, I know you've read it. :)
Now for your light--
you've had some good suggestions. I like the chicken wire idea. I like the add a chain to lower idea... that one may or may not be agreeable with all the people in your household. Especially if you or others are taller.
What about some vintage garden the scalloped ones for putting around a flower bed OR! a wire basket which is what you said.
I need more light in my kitchen I totally get what your saying.

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

LMAO that you have a "lamp shelf"!!I may want to shop in your basement. LOL! I like your wonky lamp. I'd probably hang some sparkly crystals on it and call it a chandelier!


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