Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Tiny 5-Drawer Chest Makeover

Way early in my blogging life -

Like forever ago -

I painted this little chest of drawers.

Just a simple makeover with some decoupage knobs.

I kind of liked those knobs.

Over the last two years, I have made some changes in the master bedroom that meant I didn't need the little chest in there anymore.

After 6 or so months of not needing it anymore, I decided that I would take it to Vera's Daughter to sell it.

But since I painted it in 2012, it had developed some spots or bleed-through in the knots in the pine. It just looked like tan colored shadows in the off-white paint.

I was going to have to repaint it if I wanted to sell it.

I didn't want to replace the knobs because, remember - I liked them.

So I tried to pick paint colors and and a design that would compliment the typography theme and color of the knobs.

First I cleaned it extensively with mineral spirits to remove the wax I had used to seal the piece initially.

I had some Graphite Chalk Paint® and thought it would go well with the black of the letters - so I painted it.

Then I took all the typography stamps I had and stamped a load of letters all over the fronts of the drawers.

I wish I had some lower-case stamps - but I do not.

I used whatever ink pad I had in my stash and started stamping.

Lots and lots of stamping. . .


Bad, blurry pictures AGAIN!

I have GOT to get some lighting!

Anyway. . .

Then I blotted the ink by laying paper towels over the drawer front and pressing down on it like I would if I had a blotter.

I waxed the whole piece, except the drawer fronts, with dark wax.

Then I waxed the drawer fronts with clear wax

This gives a little differentiation for the flat panels of the drawers and helps the typography stamps stand out.

Once again I wish I had good pictures so you could see how great it looks.

But alas, I do not.

Oh well.

It's Christmastime!

And I'm leaving in the morning to head to Oklahoma to visit my family for the holidays.

Bad pictures will just have to take a back seat.

I hope you are relaxed and ready to enjoy your holidays with family and friends!

I think the phrase goes something like this - 

It's not about what is under the tree,

It's about who is around it!

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Kirby Carespodi said...

I love this little chest! I wish I could come pick it up, but I'm not headed north until the spring thaw.

Shannon said...

So creative and cute! I'm a typography addict and love this. I may have to try it on a little chest I have.

Shannon ~

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Flippin' gorgeous.

Little Miss Maggie said...

Cute makeover, Karen. I love the little knobs too.

LindaSonia said...

Just recently found your blog and am looking forward to following you!! It definitely looks like a fun place.

Anna said...

I love the typography theme. can't wait to see what you do next- you remind me of Mary from Storage Wars in terms of creativity.


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