Friday, January 23, 2015

An Impromptu DIY

It's January 22 and I'm already disorganized.

Why do I do this to myself? 

I know that if I waited to do something until I WAS organized I would never get anything done.

I'm going to talk about this some more another time...

But for now I'll make a little confession...

I haven't quite finished putting away the Christmas decorations.


I still have a little mess left over from when I put UP the decorations.

I blame this on what happens when you travel over the holidays.

Great as it can be, 

it messes me up a bit.

The other thing that happens when you travel - 

Unending daydreaming.

Day dreaming of all the things I'm going to do when I get home.

A while back I came across this picture...

Fast-forward one entire day...

Yes. I just spent one ENTIRE DAY and part of another looking for the picture.

You're just going to have to use your imagination here:


Beautiful soapstone counter top

Beautiful collection of mason jars filled with pantry goods

A collection of antique cutting boards between the jars and the wall

Are you getting it?

Having trouble?

Well it didn't work in my kitchen either.

Somehow (I can't imagine how) it just ended up as a place to put more stuff.

Somehow the ambiance just wasn't there.

Somehow things just got deposited there and left to die.

I particularly like the bubble wrap stuck up in the corner.

Mr. Quirky thinks this is a good place to store his water bottles.

Could it be the awful counter top?

Or is it just the clutter?

Or the wall that needs painting?

Whatever the reason, it is just NOT working.

So I went back to the cabinet where all these things were stored previously.

A cabinet that was half empty because I took all this stuff out of it.

And right in the middle of Christmas uncluttering, basement cleaning (which actually hasn't started), furniture painting, etc., 

I decided to take the cabinet out.


First the doors

Then I unscrewed the frame and knocked it out.

Problem #1 - completely forgot about the whole under cabinet lighting cords collected in this cabinet.

Then I decided to check out the soffit. 

I was hoping there wasn't anything behind it.

I was going to cut it out in this section,

Problem #2 - The electrical lines in the soffit.

I know this might not be a problem if I wanted to research it and move them out of the way...

But moving electrical out of the way was WAY more than this barefooted, pajama wearing, Sunday morning cabinet taker outer, wanted to deal with.

So that little hole will get covered by a plate.

Or a sign.

Or something.

That's it.

That's all for today.

I'm busy looking for unfindable pictures.

And deciding how to deal with

Problem #3 - how to build the open shelving I'm going to put between the cabinets to hold my mason jars filled with pantry goods.

So tell me.

Are your Christmas decorations put away?  I mean completely.

Do you rip out cabinets in your pajamas?

Do you happen to have the picture I'm looking for?


Mary Anne Komar said...

There's still an angel, a snow globe, Santa hat, and greenery peaking out here and there, and gulp a spider from Halloween hanging from a sconce! Demo job looking good there!

Kirby Carespodi said...

Embarrassingly, I still have a few things out. And it's not because I'm ripping out cabinets, though that would be a convenient excuse!

J Stone said...

No, my Christmas stuff is not all put away, it is actually mixed in with some Valentines decorations that I got up, lol. I was happy that we got the tree down. It is a 12' tall tree, so it was quite the project and a lot of ornaments and lights to get put away.

On Monday I have some contractors coming in to do so work, right in the middle of my basement organization project. NOT perfect timing. You know how things have to look worse to look better? I set up tables to organize my things to be able to clean first, then put them back nicely. This project has been put off for years. I am taking the 'Funky Junk Interiors blog challenge' to motivate me to finish the project. You have to post pics of your mess and your progress. Let me tell you how much it works. I hated posting messy pics, but it does make me keep cleaning just so I can show some progress. Try it when you are being lazy about a project, lol. If your are interested look here:

Anonymous said...

So glad to be among friends here! I, too, have some Christmas left up...but none of it is red and green, does that count?! Just some white and which I plan to add some pops of red for Valentine's Day, tee rule is, the decorations do not have to come down until I am officially "done" with them! But my basement. Ahem. Still trashed from getting out Christmas. Which was still trashed from when I didn't clean up before I got out Christmas. Which doesn't leave any room for organizing it and weeding out what I haven't used for the past few years.... Anyway, thanks for keeping it real!!

lej619 said...

Yep I am in the same boat. I still have one, no make that three little CHRISTMAS trees up! I have a daughter,SIL and a grandson coming up in Feb. and we are going to celebrate Christmas along with hubby's birthday, when they get here. But the big tree and most of the other Christmas things are somewhat put away. Does having them on the stairs ready to go in the attic count...
Thanks for keeping to real!!! I do get a bit depressed looking at all the nicely decorated homes, and they are talking about DIY things. I just know when I am doing a DIY that the whole house seems to be in disarray.

kddomingue said...

Christmas stuff put away? I actually laughed so hard that I choked myself on the mouthful of coffee that I SHOULD have swallowed BEFORE I read that line! Girl! My WHOLE HOUSE still looks like 'twas the night before Christmas.....! AND we're in the middle of shifting around three households worth of furniture (long story) AND finishing up a "gutted the entire master bath and closet" remodel AND the kitchen is 2/3s torn apart to start it's remodel..... and, yes, I have been known to tear out cabinets, walls as well as scraping kitty litter looking textured stuff off of the ceilings whilst still in my PJs.....sometimes at two or three in the morning! My theory is that if I tear it apart, DH Has to help me "fix" at that point! And, yes, I am still married to the same fella I started out with 35 years ago! Lol! You're not alone in your craziness. There's plenty more of us lurking about out here!

srpprcrftr said...

And here I Thought I was only slob that had "stuff" lying around, only house that looked like gremlins tore thru. When I craft which I was doing before Christmas for a craft show on 12/13 this poor little joint looked like our cat/dog tore thru on one of their cabin fever runs. It's hilarious to watch this big dog and orange cat running thru the house. We have single wide mfg. home and when cat gets crazy he starts at one end and dog joins him at some point. I was so glad to get "stuff" put away, meaning dumped in front hallway til I had energy to put it in either of spare rooms. I just got most of it put away last weekend. Even I couldn't stand mess in hallway. Also have boxes from new pc and printer with box for new sewing machine in hallway, they're still there. So I feel so much better now knowing I'm not only one that has the messy problems. I do a lot of my crafting on couch and kitchen island so things are on kitchen counter. Poor hubs he just shakes his head and tries to ignore the messes. He knows they're not going to go away any time soon. Have great week

Bliss said...

As much as I sit around and day dream over house renovations, I've never picked up the hammer and took down a cabinet. You are Wonder Woman.


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