Saturday, April 18, 2015

End Tables


It's finally spring here. 

And I'm glad.

Today I will spend my first "yard day" of the year.

Tonight I will be tired.

And sore.

And happy.

So instead of showing you ugly pictures of my dirty garden, I'm going to show you some road kill I finished up last month.

These poor tables were abandoned by their owner.  

In the trash!

They were certainly a little worse for the wear.

The original paint had done a lot of flaking and several months in my garage didn't help the situation.

It was about 500 below zero outside so I didn't power sand these - which would have been my preference, just because it would have been easier. Since I was indoors I hand scraped, then sanded all of the paint off of the tops.  Then I lightly sanded the rest. 

I remain curious about what the pink stain was on the wood. It wasn't a spill because it was under the paint, not on top of it. It must have been some sort of wood treatment.

I painted the whole piece with Country Chic's Midnight Sky.  

The trim is Country Chic's Vanilla Frosting.

After the last post I made about Country Chic Paint, someone asked where they could buy it. The link for the store locator is here.  Or you can buy online here.

They look slightly nautical to me, and I was tempted to use a nautical themed knob. 

But I did not.

I like the way the antique brass knobs look. 

They nod to nautical but aren't such a big commitment!

I left the inside of the storage area white.  I thought it would be easier to see what was inside if it wasn't so dark.

Both tables are sealed with Country Chic Natural Wax.

I don't often paint with blues, but these turned out beautifully so I might have to do it again!



Nancy's Notes said...

Karen, I gulped when I read road kill and then laughed so hard shortly there after! I love your road kill, they look awesome! They also have a nautical look to them, what a save!


Marigene said...

Those little night stands came out great!

Hetty said...

The nightstands look great! Love the color and the finish looks so smooth! Thanks for sharing.

Muchmore Creative said...

Wow, they really turn out nice! Love your creative title!

Anonymous said...

Choosing navy was a great idea! I love them in dark blue! Nice find!

Junkchiccottage said...

Your little night stands are gorgeous. Love that color.
Hope you got my email about your Spotlight and will have it today or at the latest tomorrow. It will be fun to feature you this week. Thank and have a great day.


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