Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words of Wednesday No. 9


I'm still here in rain drenched Oklahoma, trying not to drive into any water that will wash away my borrowed vehicle.

And . . .

I'm feeling a little melancholy about leaving here on Sunday.

Heavy sigh . . .

No words.


The nature of it all is making me forget words. Names. That kind of stuff.

In the meantime I think I will introduce you to a couple of my roommates for the last 25 days.

This is Edward.

Edward is a large cat.

Edward is a strong cat.

Edward is a cool cat.

Edward is a silent cat.

Except every now and then he makes the ever so slight squeak.

Edward has been my friend for a long time.

This is Gloria.

Gloria is  sweet cat.

Gloria is a small cat.

Gloria is a heart breaker.

Mostly because it breaks your heart to see how the abuse she received in a former life affects her life now.

You never know exactly what an adopted cats history is but we know she was owned by someone because she has been de-clawed. 

It was a botched job though, because when she licks her paws in just the right spot (which she does compulsively) she touches a nerve that causes her paw to jerk violently away. Kind of like if your hand slapped down to you lap every 5th time you touched your mouth. It might be a good thing when I eat cake. But when you watch this happen to her it breaks your heart.

See how her head is somewhat bowed? 

She seldom raises her head past a certain bowed position.

The vet says this is indicative of brain damage. 

She is also almost deaf and almost blind.

She lived in this split level house for a year before she found the up stairs.

She is allergic to grains and has a special diet.

But she can smell out Edward's bowl and sometimes eats his leftovers or licks his bowl.

This makes her eyes run so she often has red tinted streaks from tears between her eyes and nose.

I'm telling you,

It will just break your heart.

But every now and then you will walk in to the room she is in and she will raise her head, "look" at you and trot right over to you.

At that moment you feel so hopeful for her.

So happy.

She does best when there are people around.  

When my sister is home for the summer, or she has company - like me - Gloria stands a little taller, has some bounce to her step, explores a little more.

While I've been here she discovered two bedrooms she had never been in before.  

When she discovers a new spot she is likely to stay there for days.

She slept on my bed for a good week.

Then she discovered the third bed. 

That one only lasted for a couple of days.


Gloria can cuddle.

Gloria can love.

Some of us could learn from Gloria.

See ya!


Kirby Carespodi said...

Gloria sounds like a beautiful soul.

Susie said...

I know you will miss being with your new grandchild. Too sad about the cat. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

That is so sad that there are so many people that feel animals are disposable! It breaks my heart!
I hope you have a safe trip home-I know it will be hard to leave. xo Diana

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Edward & Gloria are enchanting companions for your stay.

Shannon said...

Leave by drowning that grandbaby in lots of grandma kisses and hugs. Glad you got to spend the time there. Hopefully y'all can move back.

Shannon from Bohemian Junktion

Anonymous said...

Bless you for bringing her into your home. She is loved and she feels that. My heart aches for the pains and struggles that she has.

Bliss said...

Gloria and Edward, I see a childrens book.


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