Sunday, July 12, 2015

Great Balls of Moss!

Am I the only person in the world who had never heard of Marimo Balls?

Perhaps you haven't heard of them either?

My friend Jennifer is a frequent flyer at the Lou's Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan.

She goes to buy cat food.

She goes to see Frankie the Sulcata Tortoise wandering around the store.


She goes to play with the birds.

And lately,

 she goes to buy Marimo Balls.

Marimo Balls, also known as moss balls, are sold in pet shops to be placed in aquariums. They have some benefits to the aquarium environment. But I'm not going to go into them because it's Sunday and I'm watching golf and feeling lazy.

She brought me my first one and I was a little addicted.  I don't have any plants in my house because the light is so low, and I don't really have much room.

These are the perfect plant for me. 

The cats can't get to them. 

They are OK with low sun. 

That little floating ball won't stay floating without higher light, but I'm ok with it sinking. 

I have to change the water once a week.

The water has to sit overnight before you put the balls in it. I think because of something in the water. I can't remember what. 

What I do is just fill a pitcher with a lid every time I clean it out and put it under the sink with the lid on until I need to clean again. 

This picture is what happens when you don't clean it out for two weeks. The water starts to evaporate, and the moss balls shed and make the water pretty dirty.

To clean, you just squeeze them in your fingers like a sponge. Just wring them out. If you look closely in the picture you can see the yuck stuff coming out of the moss. I think you are supposed to wring them out completely before you take them out of the water.  Then just lift them out and put them in the clean water in the pitcher.

Then I wash the container and pour the clean water and moss in.

I added a sea fan the last time and really like how it brightens up the tank. 

Maybe I'll add a goldfish just for fun!

Cool, huh?

I hear that if I feed them they will grow bigger.  The also reproduce - by splitting off little bitty moss balls - kind of like succulents that make little bitty rossettes off the mama plant.

There are actually little moss ball "kits" on Etsy where you can buy a glass container, some decorative sand, some shells, and of course, a moss ball. 

I assume that the moss ball gets shipped in a jar of water. 

But, who knows?

What do you think of these little plants?

Does your pet store sell moss balls?

I don't know what else to ask . . .

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Susie said...

They look nice and weird too. But with the coral piece so pretty. Hope you have a great week. xoxo,Susie

Colleen said...

I have to admit; I never heard of such a thing. They are rather cool item; something different and unique.
I have no need to go to the pet store so don't know if they sell them here or not. I just may have to make a special trip ; just to kinda look around.
Have yourself a great day.

Kirby Carespodi said...

Never heard of them, but how cool!! I may just have to swing by the pet store to see if they have them!

entirely apropos said...

I've never heard of them until your post. I could see them being used in an office setting, too! I love the sea fan with it. Goldfish would be fun too! Thanks for sharing!

thistlewoodfarm said...

I've never heard of them either! But I love the look of them with the sea fan!

Happy day to you friend!

Unknown said...

I asked Lou's to order them for me and they did. The crew there is awesome! Based on a video I saw, the ones you order online you generally get shipped in a plastic bag - with not a lot of water in it. I have seen that you can kind of pull one apart and then roll the resulting halves into littler balls - those would look good in a 10 oz rolling glass with some shells in the bottom and maybe a very small sea fan - the perfect hostess gift.

Katie Kleber said...

I would recommend some guppies (boys are prettier, and they can harass the girls - 2-3 girls with one boy would be good) instead of goldfish - goldfish make A LOT of wastes and you would end up needed to change the water more often :)

Guppies are easy and more showy. You could just get 2 boys and all should be well or two girls, knowing they are not as pretty as the boys, but would get a bit bigger (about 1.5 inches/thicker bodies) :)

These are awesome and I may need to get some for my house... Thank you for sharing :)

Anne said...

Saw it on the window sill in your ombré cake post...wondered what it was. Going to check my local pet shop. And by the way my Quickfire hydrangea is now turning pink, how's yours?

Bliss said...

Have you ever smelled moth balls?

Art and Sand said...

My mother used to say, "well I never" and I must say "well I never" to this one.

I must look into this.

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

O M G Those are so cool!! I am going to HAVE to check out my local nursery/pet center (I go for the puppies) and see if they have these. What a great centerpiece for any table or living room vignette.

I love this, thanks so much for sharing it!! Pinning and posting this on G+ and my FB page. Its too good NOT to be shared.


Unknown said...

You can't do goldfish with these - they will take chunks out of the moss balls. However, they do just fine with Betas.

ananda said...

hi karen! thank you for stopping by my blog! what a gorgeous blog you have here! i LOVE these moss balls, never heard of them either! <3

Unknown said...

well, alrighty then...I have never head of these moss balls. And I think I'm in love with them. What an awesome way to add some life and some green without the work and inevitable death of regular green plants. ;)

Cecilia said...

My daughter discovered them and is in love with them too. I'd never heard of them before either.. They are pretty cool. I think she gets hers off Etsy but I'm not sure.

Unknown said...

Never heard of these in my life - but with that sea fan in there it looks like
" living " art to me - I love it !

Unknown said...

Well, now you've done it. Just one more living thing I'll have to buy and take care of. Yes, I know, I could just leave them alone but what fun is that.


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