Sunday, July 5, 2015

Red, White and Blue Food

I have a little crush on red, white, and blue food.

Easy Flag Fruit Dessert - Family Fresh Meals 

 You know, the 4th of July celebration kind.

Red, White and Blueberry Trifle – a delicious, light dessert, perfect for the summer!

Blue food is not really my thing.

But blueberries - that's entirely different.

I could eat blueberries all day.

Incorporate a flag motif if you're artistic like that.

Along with strawberries and raspberries. 

And who wouldn't be proud to bring one of these to a July 4 celebration?

 Fruity Brownie Dessert Pizza

But the people I hang out with on July 4 don't even like blueberries,

and raspberries,

and only one of them likes strawberries.

So in short...

They are creeps.



No. Fun,

So in the spirit of bringing food that someone will actually eat - so I don't eat the whole thing myself - I brought these for July 4.

Lets celebrate America with these yummy, patriotic sugar cookie bars!  The best sugar cookie recipe made into a bar, frosted with lots of delicious buttercream, and decorated with simple store-bought gel frosting, these cookie bars will be the hit of your July 4th picnic this summer!

They may now be my favorite food with blue in it that isn't blueberries.

Everyone loved this red, white, and blue food.

And actually, so did I.

If you want to make any of these red, white, and blue foods you can click on the picture.

I'm just going to be spending this day after July 4 watching old movies and eating left-over Sugar Cookie Bars. 

They are soooooooooo good.

They are worth checking out.

And if you aren't using them for July 5 you don't even have to put colors on them!


Susie said...

Karen, All your red/white/blue foods looked good. I did have some watermelon with blueberries yesterday. So yummy. Blessings for a fun brand new week. xoxo,Susie

Leslie Harris said...

Karen your red white and blue foods are ones I'd definitely eat. I looove fruit and that first photo has all my favorites, plus it's so creative. I need to eat healthy today after the beers and burger from yesterday :)
I hope you had a fun holiday with the family!

Junkchiccottage said...

Yum Karen. All these beautiful red, white and blue foods looks so yummy. Glad you had a great 4th.
Have a great new week ahead.

Unknown said...

These were awesome and I will be making them so often!!!!

Gabriela said...

Cool! I like the way it looks and I am sure they taste delicious too. I should try them too.

Have a nice day!


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