Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Polishing Brass

So here's the deal.

I've been drylocking my basement.

And it sucks.

It sucks because I would rather be doing anything else.

It sucks because I wish we didn't have a cinder block foundation/basement.

It sucks because it's actually worse than it sounds.

It sucks because . . .

Well - it just sucks.

I've also been spending some time procrastinating.

Procrastinating can be very productive at my house.

Sometimes I accomplish the weirdest little things . . .

Because I put my dad's Theodolite transit in the humidor, I had its wood case hanging around waiting to be cleaned up.

This box is pretty banged up. 

But it did it's job.

It protected a pretty cool looking piece of equipment.

I cleaned up the box with mineral spirits and Simple Green.

Then I hand sanded it.

It got a heavy coat of Annie Sloan Dark Wax.

Then the heavy duty procrastination began.

I looked at that box and thought, "Is that BRAAAAASS underneath the scum on that metal hardware????"

Out comes the Brasso and voila!

Brass. Solid brass. Not brass plated.

And then I thought "hmmm, perhaps I should check out the metal fittings on the transit . . ."

Well would you look at that!

More solid brass. And - a lot of the parts that are covered with black are actually brass, so that as the black finish wears off the brass shows through.


That bit of procrastinating took two days.

I mean I didn't clean an polish brass ALL day, but it takes a long time to get off 30 years of tarnish.

Then I started thinking that all this polished brass deserved a photography session.

When I decided that photo session would be in the tiny entryway with the vintage luggage . . .

well, you know what that meant . . .



I had no choice except to get out the Brasso. Again.

This brass was different though. All the hardware on these suitcases was brass plated.

Sometimes brass plating is far gone before you get to it.

Sometimes the metal under it corrodes and ruins the finish.

Sometimes the plating just wears off.

Once I picked up the luggage (it is very heavy - we store our CDs in this luggage) to clean the brass I realized that it was all pretty dang dirty.

So I washed it.

With a toothbrush.

It was very dirty.

Then I rubbed it all down with hemp oil.


That was some heavy duty procrastination.

I also did a little research on some of these destination stamps.

Looks like Helen took quite a trip to Paris and Lourdes, France.

Interesting - both of these hotels and the cruise line are still alive and well.

And a sign of the times - that Hotel Modern sticker sells for $11.88 on eBay.

That made me laugh.

Now the Brasso is back in the cabinet.

And I'm in the basement today.


Hopefully I'm done soon. 

Because I've got more procrastination calling my name . . .

Oh yea, what do you do when you are procrastinating????

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Unknown said...

We need to dry lock but our walls are already painted and I can't imagine taking the paint off to be able to put the dry lock on. Are yours painted?

Art and Sand said...

Procrastination is just so much easier than doing the work.

I love your dad's box and transit - you put a lot of elbow grease in on that piece.

Unknown said...

I'm so good at procrastination. Thanks for linking up to Your Inspired Design!

Junkchiccottage said...

Love your dad's box. Looks awesome. Have a great rest of the week Karen.

stephanie said...

You sound like the book "If You a Give a Mouse a Cookie".

Bliss said...

When I procrastinate I don't do anything but think about not procrastinating. Your way is much better.

Anonymous said...

Hemp oil on a suitcase? I sure do have some suitcases that need some love and attention. Anything I should know before I do this? Anything to avoid? TIA!

Christine @ Let's Get Crafty! said...

LOVE your suitcases!!! And I hope you get done with the sucky stuff soon :) Stopping by from Your Inspired Design Link Party!

Holly {McCall Manor} said...

Those are beautiful! Thanks for linking up to Your Inspired Design!!

Noble Vintage said...

Don't you just love products that help clean up treasures? It's like an addiction!! ;) Love all your vintage pieces. I have a typewriter case that has several travel stickers on it (mostly NY, some European) now I want to go do research on the tags!! LOL so fun.

Anonymous said...

You're invited! Please come and share! I would love it if you would join in on my Making Broken Beautiful party! It starts 6:00pm (MST) this Thursday September 10 and I would love to have you join up each week!
Smiles for a great week!

Cheryl @ said...

Okay ... very nice stuff in this post. Likin' it a lot. But am I the only one who ... doesn't know what drylocking is? Can you fill me in (I'm too lazy to look it up online today. THX.


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