Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Trees Past


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and are having some extended time with family and friends.

We're still in a food coma around here.

For the record. I only ate 2 half size desserts at Thanksgiving dinner.

And for an additional record - I made it all the way until 2:45 PTD (that's post Thanksgiving day) to have my first dessert.


Then there is the issue with this post.

It was supposed to be ready at 6:00 this morning.

So . . .

6 PM isn't so bad is it?

I mean it's the SAME DAY isn't it?

The only reason it matters is this is day one of a series of Christmas link-ups that I and 29 other bloggers will be hosting. We'll be linking our posts and would love for you to link up your related posts as well.

Here's the schedule:

Week 1: Christmas Trees
Week 2: Home Tours (Dec 4)
Week 3: Gifts (Dec 11)
Week 4: Recipes and Food (Dec 18)

 Oooooo, I see next week is home tours! Guess I'll have to decorate this week!

But for now I want to talk Christmas trees past.

I'm a fan of the Christmas tree.

I have a lot of trees.

Maybe 30.

Or 40.

Or 50.

 They live all over the house.

 I usually do a kids tree in the guest room. This is where all the Santas and snowmen live, along with all the ornaments that the kids made while they were growing up.

 This tree is one of my favorites and highlights ornaments really well.

Last year I set up that tree in the office.

I'm not sure if Mr Quirky even knew it was there.

He may not get a Christmas tree this year.

I call this my "Wicked" tree because I got it a couple of days after I saw Wicked.

I have several of these slender trees. I bought them because my living rooms are always too full and too small for a full sized tree.

They are fun to decorate because you can just move them around as you hang the lights and ornaments.

I try not to play favorites. I love all my children the same.

But that little copper tree on the left gets to hang out all year every year. It never goes in the closet.

I love all of my white trees.

But two years ago I bought the white table top tree.

Prettiest. Tree. Ever.

Having the trees out makes me happy.

Every year I consider not getting them out.

And then every year I get them out.

Oh yea,

I forgot about these.

I still make some of these every year. I get a couple of emails a year asking to buy them. So I comply.

Last year I started painting and glittering them.

They're quite nice. I think I left these on my mantle until April.

Almost as shameful as the 4th of July wreath still hanging on my front door today.



I think I'll put up my Christmas wreath tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime...

Show us your Christmas trees!

 Your hosts:

I hope you'll visit a few of these blogs too!

Rules of the Link Party

  1. Please link to a specific post on your blog, not your blog’s home page. You may link up to 3 posts per blog.
  2. Please leave a comment for your host, remember it’s a party!
  3. Please be sure to visit a couple of other blogs and leave comments.
  4. No Etsy stores, giveaways, or other link parties allowed.
  5. Please link with a text link or party button to your host.
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Enjoy your weekend!


Art and Sand said...

Boy, you have a lot of trees. You got me counting my trees- I think I have 5, but I need to buy a small real tree tomorrow because I have darling ornaments that don't fit on any of my trees.

Bliss said...

I've got my junk tree out of the basement but it's still in the bag, and the real tree is on the garage floor. May I borrow one of yours if I don't get it decorated?

Unknown said...

Wow, that's a lot of pretty trees! I have one -_-


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