Friday, December 11, 2015

Making Pine Cone Chair Decorations



I've been hanging out.


Making stuff.

Mostly I've been dreaming about making stuff.

I dream about how I'm going to make something.

All those projects that I have tucked away in my my sub-conscience come out to play when I sleep.

If my dreams come true, I'll have some cool projects to show you before Christmas.

We'll see.

The other day I made these cute little pine cone chair hangy things.

I wanted them to look like this . . .


. . . ever so casually draped over the top of the chair.


They tended to look more like this . . .

I had to fix that.

But first let me show you how I made them.

1. Put a small screw eye into the base of the pine cone.

2. Loosely gather the end of your ribbon with needle and thread and before you cut the thread wrap the thread tightly around about 1/2 inch of the ribbon. 

No your vision is not bad. These pictures are horribly blurry. I must have had too much coffee the morning I made these!

3. Push the tip of the ribbon through the eye screw and pull through with needle nosed pliers. 

4. Pull through and curl the tip into the gathered portion of the ribbon. This kind of hides the messy looking gathered tip of the ribbon. (I used wired ribbon, which helps everything stay bent and put into place. If you use regular ribbon you will likely need to do a stitch or a dab of hot glue to hold the tip into place.)

5. Do this to each end of the ribbon. Note: feed the gathered tips through the eye one in reverse of the other - so that when you lay it over the chair both pretty sides will face out from the chair - towards the viewer.

6. Then because I had to do something to keep them in place I took some of my jingle bells and wrapped three of them around the ribbon, right above the pine cones.


 It's like magic!

I'm charmed.

They go perfectly with the tablescape and the new wreaths I made.

I like decorated chairs. 

But decorated chairs are always 23rd on my list of things to do.


They never get done.

Look at me, all on top of things!

Did you decorate your chairs?

Do you like chair decor?

Happy December!

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Leslie Harris said...

Karen i love your pinecone decoration for your chairs. I had seen a picture of one pinned to the back of a dining room chair and was thinking of making some for my chairs--thanks for the helpful pictures... :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pinecone and bell chair ornament idea. I also love that cat, he/she is adorable!!!

chateau chic said...

Love, Love, Love your pine cone chair hangings!! Such a great idea.
Mary Alice

Art and Sand said...

I love hanging things on the chairs at Christmas and like doing something different each year. I might just give your pinecones a try next year.

Thanks for linking up.

Unknown said...
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