Thursday, January 7, 2016

(approximately) 28 Things


I'm having such a hard time getting re-focused after my little holiday (grandson) break.

I really can't blame it on him. I mean we've been back home since before December 30. 





So I thought I would do a little (approximately) 28 Things to get my gastric juices flowing (I just saw Dr Oz talking about that).

1. I feel sure that I have the cutest grandson ever born.

2. He is very serious.

3. One of my favorite things to do with him is to hold him in my lap and whistle a song. It mesmerizes him. He studies my mouth like I study a cake recipe. Then starts moving his mouth ever so slightly to try and mimic me.  

4. Watching him study things - toys, faces, whatever - speaks to me of what his personality is, and is to be.

5. Are you happy with the new gas prices? I am.  When I buy gas now I feel a tad bit like I'm getting a little gift.  Sorry American oil companies. I'm glad OPEC isn't scratching your back any more. 

6. We took a long break from "regular" TV in December and the first week of January. It started with the San Bernadino shooting. Then I couldn't take one more commercial about things I needed to buy to be happy and complete. Then Donald Trump said something (else) completely asinine and I couldn't take it anymore.

7. There was a whole lot of Hallmark goin' on around here. We even did a marathon of Signed, Sealed, Delivered last week.  Another whole day. On. The. Couch. And yes, I said WE. I rather got a kick out of seeing Mr. Quirky so entertained by something (the Hallmark channel in general) that he usually smirks at.

8. This show was new to me. I'm much more familiar with the Christmas movies. I challenge anyone to watch Signed, Sealed, Delivered without smiling or even laughing out loud several times.

9. I did do a couple of little projects while I was on the couch. I'll tell you about them later.

10. And I took down the Christmas decorations.

11. Since we are always out of town for a couple of weeks over the holidays, we don't get to spend a lot of time with our Christmas decorations and I tend to leave them up longer than most. It's really not because I'm lazy. I just don't have that compulsion that some of you seem to have to "get rid of the clutter" and freshen things up.

12. Last year I left my Christmas mantle (sans stockings) up through summer spring just because I liked it.

13. This year I'm leaving my Christmas mantle up through spring just because I like it.

14. We saw Star Wars over the holidays. Am I the only one in the world that didn't know that Hans Solo's name was actually Han Solo?

15. I'm a little pissed off about this whole conversation about Carrie Fisher not aging well. Sorry but I thought she looked great. Much better than her age cohort Mark Hamil. She was 19 when she made the original Star Wars. That was 40 years ago people! Yes. I am yelling.

16. Perhaps I need a moment to calm down.

. . . 

17.  I made this cake for New Years Eve. Great, easy recipe. It's moist, fluffy, not too rich. Hard for me to stop eating. If you are making this in three layers you probably need to add another half recipe of frosting. The easiest answer to not having quite enough frosting for the three layer version like I made is just to make it a regular 2 layer cake.

18. I got a new stove for Christmas. It's the one my friend Jennifer put in when she remodeled her kitchen. I had to hate her for a little while.

19. But then it went on big sale during Lowe's and Home Depot's black Friday sales and I got to buy one for myself.

20. It is in my garage.  Waiting for the plumber to come and reconnect the gas line.

21. When it finally gets installed, I will bake you a cake.

22. I feel the need to see one more picture of the world's best grandson.

23.  I hope you had a happy holiday. Did you?

24. Do you have a grandson that you can't stop thinking about?

25. Are you an early Christmas decoration put-er away-er? or a late Christmas decoration put-er away-er?

26. Have you been sitting on your couch?

27. Have you ever seen Signed, Sealed, Delivered?

Tell me!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thank you for sharing some happiness.

Cecilia said...

Your grandson is very cute! I agree Carrie Fisher has aged pretty darn well! (Why can men get grey and put on a few pounds and he's distinguished?). I've never seen that show. I generally watch PBS or Netflix. Regular tv is too depressing! What else? Oh, I put Christmas stuff up sometime around the 1st but this year my mantel is still sporting it's decor (minus the stockings ha). It looks wintery. I like it. Did I say your grandson is cute? Well, I'll say it again...he's cute! Happy New Year!

Kirby Carespodi said...

No grands, but yours is cute. Can I have him? Yes I've seen's okay. Cake is awesome, and so is Carrie Fisher--especially her comment regarding other peoples comments. Christmas is mostly away here.

imklvr said...

I follow you always, but rarely comment, even tho' I love you and your blog! But I must comment regarding grandsons. I know that you feel you have the best grandson in the world, and I will admit, he's adorable!! But I know that I have the best grandson in the world! Actually, I guess we can both have the best, because yours is a young 'un and mine is 22! OK. So glad I cleared that up!! Do love your posts! Dona

Margy said...

I adore your humor! I can see myself thinking in your same patterns! And yes your grandson is adorable.... I love his smile.
Thanks for a great blog! Margy in KY

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

#7~~!!~~ Exactly! I could not take one more minute. I was a Hallmark devotee the entire month of December. I could feel my BP dropping. And I think Trump has continued saying ridiculously stupid things, so I do try to avoid the news when I hear his name mentioned in headlines. So much hate and stupidity being spewed forth. ugh.
You DO have a darling little grand!! I don't have one yet.... but I do have 2 grand-dogs and they are the smartest ones!
Even though I am retired, and certainly have the time, I don't rush taking Christmas down. All the Christmas things I have are packed up for nearly 11 months a year,,,,, I like to enjoy them. My snow-peeps stay out til Easter decorating...which will be early this year!! They mingle with the Val Day cuties, also.
I, too, loved Carrie Fisher's response to the fools who were criticizing her. I thought she looked great!!
I am happy with gas prices. I am NOT happy with the stock market.
I don't watch SSD, but it is apparently my SIL's fav show, so I should watch. I think the new season starts in Feb.
Your stove is lovely, and the cake looks luscious!!
We did have Happy Holidays, and glad you did, too!!!!

Art and Sand said...

Bottom left photo in the collage is my favorite.

I loved Star Wars and that the oldsters were part of it.

rush said...

I can't play favorites with my 8 grandchildren, but I can brag that I have the most darling great granddaughter in the world!!! She was born in October, and she happened to be in the same city I was for our family's end-of-the-year party! Yay!


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