Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hello! And Happy New Year!



Where have you been?

Hmmmm. I guess I said that backwards.

Where on earth have I been?????

Let's get right to it.

Somewhere around Thanksgiving got the news that I was going to have a knee replacement surgery on December 12.

Uhhh. Wow.

Yes I knew I needed to have the surgery.
Yes I did want to have the surgery.
Yes I REALLY wanted to have it before the end of the year.
But they told me it probably wouldn't work out.

But it did.

And it saved me about $5000 out of pocket. That's a lot of money to save. That's why I wanted to have it in 2016. We never meet our out of pocket maximum. But sense I had that little hip replacement in February, we took care of that pesky $5000 maximum early this year.

But enough about that.

I welcomed in 2017 with a brand new knee!

I'm pretty happy about it.

I'll be happier about it when I have finished my physical therapy and I'm all strong and balanced like I want to be.

A little background...

Somewhere around May - when I was trying to finish up my therapy for my hip - my pesky little left knee started raring its ugly head. That ugly head had been around for a loooooong time. But when my hip started flaring up the knee faded to almost nothing. But when I started trying to use my knee normally as my hip healed, it said "uhh, no."

A visit to my trusty orthopedic doctor indicated it was probably time for surgery.

I was not ready.

So I went about my business. By business I mean choosing, do I want to exercise today, or do I want to get something done. Practically every time I decided I wanted get something done. I went about gardening, visiting my family, painting some furniture, gardening some more....

But a life without exercise leads to a life with other problems. Backaches. Everywhere aches. Fibromyalgia. Flab. Walking like a 70 year old...

This was all a bit much for me.

But I still wasn't ready.


Out of the blue, I was ready.

But it was November.

And there are all these other people who want to get stuff done at the end of the year, because they they too met their out of pocket deductible.

But wait!

I'm important!

I want this worse than them!

I need this worse than they do!

So I waited. And crossed my fingers.

And it worked!

The late notice did make me rush around a bit.

I worked furiously (for me) to get a few pieces of furniture painted to put into the store - to hopefully sell - before I would go to the hospital and be out of order for an undetermined amount of time.  I tried hard to get some house cleaning done. Fortunately the downstairs guest room was clean since we had company over Thanksgiving. The guest room is where I sleep for the first few weeks I'm home after surgery.  I vacuumed and gave everything a quick mop. I bought a few groceries so Mr. Quirky would have some bread and cheese to nibble on while I was in the hospital. I spent 2 days making Christmas cookies with Jennifer - because that's what we do every year.  I can't remember anything else I did, but I'm sure it was very important.

So anyway.

I have a new knee.


Just on the inside. See all that white stuff in the x-ray on the left? That's the new stuff. They cut off all the damaged stuff and attach the new stuff. The x-ray on the right is my knee prior to surgery. That little gap on the right side (your right) is the reason we thought I could wait for surgery. That part on the left (which is actually the right side of my left knee) was bad though. Bad enough that one bone was carving into the other. But we didn't know that until my doctor had to fix it. Apparently it was past time for surgery.  I don't know exactly what that means. I just know that I saved $5000. And that knee replacement therapy is challenging and hurts sometimes.  

But it gets better every day.

I love my new knee.

I know that some of you guys are putting off having this done.

Stop putting it off!!!!

Just stop!

I also want to say Happy New Year! 

I wish the best of all things for all of you. 

I'll see you again soon.

Probably this afternoon!


Laura @ duke manor farm said...

good for you. i hope the healing and recovery goes quickly. can't leave a good girl down for long. Happy new year!

rockbd said...
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Unknown said...
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Bruce Deniger said...

I hope you are doing well now! just came to read your post.Its been an year now, i wish you are doing well now!


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