Thursday, May 25, 2017

Making A Potting Bench From An Old Door

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Yes, I'm alive!

And full of exclamation points!

I built a potting bench.

A big ol' potting bench.

And it didn't cost me a dime.

Well, actually I did buy some of the stuff, but it was so long ago that it doesn't really count 

This month's Project Challenge was to use, make, or involve a door.

You remember Project Challenge? Where I join some other fab bloggers and we each create something from a like material. I was busy while I was out of town so I didn't participate in April but I"M BACK!

Just in time to work with doors.

Well, I've got doors.

And I need a potting bench.

And I've kind of been meaning to turn a big ugly door into a potting bench for a  L O O O N G

Something else I've got?

Lumber that we bought 10 years ago to build a workbench to be used in the garage.

Guess that didn't get built,,,

And I've got a metal awning.

I've been saving that awning to use when (ever) I made the potting bench.

See how this is all falling into place?

I even had the screws we bought to build the workbench.

I decided to put the bench in my back garden. Right now it is surrounded by the plants I bought for the house/garden this year. 

This is probably the prettiest it will ever look. 

This will be a working potting bench.

You see, the potting bench is at the end of a long walkway that runs between our garage and our fence.

There is not much of the walkway showing here because frankly, the pathway is a mess. I've been working in the very damp soil and tracking mud all over. The pathway is also cluttered with 10 or 15 large pots.  

Those pots are somehow going to be stored in or around the potting bench.

After all that is part of what a potting bench is for. 

This picture gives you a glimpse of how ugly the door is.

I promise it is not as crooked as this picture makes it look. It IS a little crooked, but just because the concrete pavers that I used to set the bench on are still a tad uneven.  

But I was fighting time here. It was going to rain any minute and I needed to get some pictures taken.

I didn't actually beat the rain.

You may be able to see some of the rain drops on the lens in these pictures.

I have three large stacks of this blue stone that I harvested from the backyard of a neighbor who was getting rid of her back patio. Hopefully I have enough to span the entire width of the garden behind the garage. I'm going to leave the rest of the work on the path for a dry, sunny day.


You may be wondering "How did she make that crazy door potting bench out of a door she already had, and lumber she already had, and an awning she already had?


I'm not telling. 

Mostly because I've got to work on that. 

Tutorials take a long time.  Because they are hard.


Today I want you to focus on the beauty and magnificence alone.

And the beauty and magnificence of the doors projects of my fellow Project Challengers.

Michele at Shelstrig Blog restored her rather messed up closet door. She included lots of good painting tips, too.

Emily at Domestic Deadline is restoring some REALLY old doors to use for her husbands office. They are fantastic. 

Nancy at Slightly Coastal magically turned a plain hollow core door into a beautiful antique replica door for her pantry.

Lisa at Recreated Design used a salvaged cabinet door to create a chalkboard.

I hope you guys are enjoying spring and getting out to the garden for some dig therapy.

My peonies are almost ready to bloom. 

I'll just be here basking in their glory...


Emily said...

What a great project! Maybe someday I'll get to doing yard stuff. When I do, I need to do something like this. Looks great!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Whoa, Karen! Thats an amazing potting bench! I love the added touch of the awning to help keep things a little dry. Great job!

Tania Pelletier said...

I love this! I have to make one for myself but not for a potting bench... I have a small BBQ that needs a stand... and it's not in a covered area so it needs a roof to protect it from the elements so this is perfect! Thank you for the inspiration, I pinned!!


Art and Sand said...

You have inspired me with your fun potting bench. I have a relatively free day and I'm going to head out to paint my potting table. It's not as cute as yours, but it needs work.

Lisa Silfwerbrand said...

Karen the potting bench turned out wonderfully!! What a great idea to reuse a door that is just kicking around. Great idea and who, frankly, can't use a potting bench?! <3

Mascha said...

You're a talented person.


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