Monday, June 19, 2017

A Granddaughter


Why have I taken so long to write this post?

My grand-daughter, Sawyer Rene Mitchell was born March 23.

She is a doll. 

Just like she was in the womb, she's a wiggler.

She has practically jumped out of more than one person's grasp.

Her face is constantly moving. 

That makes it really difficult to get a good picture.

Fortunately, she sleeps. 

So we take pictures then.

She's a good sleeper, like her mama was.

Her face keeps moving, even in sleep.

She cries like a TV show baby crying track

Fisher seemed slightly reticent to meet her. 


But I think he was more leery of the hospital room and all the people watching. 

Day 2 was more relaxed.

Just as when Fisher was born, Aunt Emily was the  there to provide all the best nursing.

Fisher and I were fast friends

We hung out together for the 4 days mom and dad were at the hospital.

It was sooooo fun.

But let me tell you,

Being the sole person in charge of an almost two year old can wear you slick out!

Great Aunt Stephanie was there. She admirably takes my place because she lives close and I live so far.  

Homecoming was a festival of cuddling.

It's interesting to note that she doesn't really look like her pictures. She's like her mama in that she isn't very photogenic.Her face is actually quite delicate in real life. My sister said, "she's so much cuter in person than she is in pictures." 

Not that pictures matter. 

Except they are everything.

Yep. She's a charmer.

She loves her brother.

Either that or she's mad at him because he doesn't have a fat roll under his chin like she does.

I think it's the former.

Now that she can see clearly and smiles, she sends him smile love all the time.

That's all for now.

I'll be back with more stuff soon. 

I hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day Celebration and a good Father's Day with their family.  

My birthday is this weekend so it's time to PAR-TAY!!!!

Mostly that means cake.

And wine. 


See ya!


Laura @ duke manor farm said...

sawyer is precious, as is big brother. Congrats to everyone in the family. what a welcome blessing and joy.

kddomingue said...

Wow! Congratulations to everybody! Beautiful grandchildren and lovely satellite people circling about them!

Anonymous said...

o my goodness! what a darling, darling doll! now i want one!!

Art and Sand said...

That final photo is absolutely perfect!

I don't have to say how jealous I am because our little guy will be here any day now.

ty said...

Sweet! Congrats!

Bliss said...

Absolutely beautiful! More photos please.


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