Thursday, February 1, 2018

Decorating For Winter & HELLO!!!

Hello beautiful!

That's you!

I'm here!

Still alive.

Once again I've let weeks (months) go by without blogging.

Without reaching out...

To inform.

To encourage.

To teach.

Even to just say hello.

There have been so many times that I've looked at my computer thinking, "I should put that in my lap and say something."

I've even got pictures to show you.

I've been getting stuff done. More stuff than I can even remember.

So that didn't keep me from posting.

I think I might be suffering from too much.

Too much stuff to think about.

Too much that I've let pass by without writing about it.

It's like I don't know where to begin.

So what is that famous movie line "I'm just a girl, standing here, asking you to love me."

So I'm just a girl, sitting here, trying to think of where to start...

Let's start with Christmas.

I didn't get finished decorating.

That makes me sad.

So what I did is decorate for winter.

Sparkling lights included.

I didn't finish decorating because the deal is, I live life right up to the point we leave to spend Christmas with family.

Sometimes that life is busy and I don't get "blog ready" for Christmas.

This year it was busy.

We left early and came home early because Mr. Quirky had shoulder surgery on December 28.

(digression warning)

Over the last 30 years he had developed a rather large hole in his rotator cuff and it was time to fix it.

For a surgery that looks quite innocuous from the outside - four holes that we cannot even see now - it was pretty extensive on the inside. I'm too lazy to scan the picture from the repair, but imagine you had a half dollar sized hole in your jeans and you took a fibrous, heavy duty thread and just started randomly connecting the sides of the circle. Hit or miss. The messiest way you could imagine. It's fascinating.

And now, in the mysterious and miraculous ways of the human body, his right shoulder is practically non-functional.

That's the phase we're in.

Therapy three mornings a week.

Waiting for the biometric company to come pick up the continuous motion machine that is  in the middle of my living room.

In 6 months things should be almost back to normal.


When we got back from the hospital after surgery I put up four Christmas trees.

I only decorated two of them.

One of those is still up - the one with lights and pretty sparkly crystals and snowflakes

The other one I took down after a few days.

It just wasn't floating my boat.

It usually goes in the office. But the office wasn't clean enough to add a tree to the mix.

So, because these ornaments are meaningful ornaments, I went through the ritual of hanging, staring, and then removing.

As far as the other decor?

I still get a little thrill when I come downstairs in the morning and see the twinkling lights.

I'm not in a hurry to put them away.

Did you notice that on one tree the clear lights burn blue and on the other they burn yellow? The blue one is a strand of LED lights.

I don't like strands of LED lights.

But. When you ask your husband to pick up a strand of lights while he is out and he brings home LED lights you just swallow and say "thank you, honey."

And that's that.

But enough about moi . . .

Are your Christmas decorations all tucked away, waiting for next year?

Or, are you a lingering lights kind of girl?

Talk to me!

Oh, one more thing.

It's February!


Just. Wow.


Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I love that you decorated for winter! And I love that your twinkle lights are still twinkling. My latest until about mid-January when I very slowly took down the decor. I left a few painted pine cones and little trees out for winter, though. Oh, and I'm so jealous of some of my neighbors who still have the full-on Christmas decor up (including full tree in front window) and lit up! I'm thinking next year I'll stretch it even further ...


And my Christmas village (now re-dubbed the Winter Village) is the only twinkle left!

NanaDiana said...

Glad to see you, Karen. I was wondering what happened to you...and being busy myself never got around to seeking you out!

I didn't do hardly anything in the house for Christmas this year. Too much going on and we are moving. Most of my stuff is packed away anyway. We did together with all the kids and that is what it is really all about anyway. Glad you put your trees up and are enjoying them. I don't like the 'white' LED lights either. I guess they do have them now that are a soft white.

Hope you have a great upcoming weekend and don't be such a stranger! lol xo Diana

Cecilia said...

Well hello there Karen. Don't feel bad; I think a lot of us aren't blogging as much as we used happens. Love that you still have twinkle lights up. I always say winter is so dark so the lights should get left up through February! (I don't but that doesn't mean I wouldn't). Ha. Ouch on your husband's shoulder...hope it heals quickly.
Happy new year to you!


imklvr said...

So stinkin' glad to hear from you! You've been missed! Woodland critters and a family of snowpeople are my winter decor...and lots of little lights! Dona

Unknown said...

I am with you on those stupid LED lights and the blue cast. If I wanted blue lights I would buy blue lights. Give me the warm glow of the regular white lights! 4 trees, that was an ambitious goal!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Hi Karen! I've been following you on FB, so no worries about the blog. GOod to hear from you, and hope Mr. Quirky gets the other arm fixed soon.

Teddee Grace said...

I also decorated primarily for winter so I could intentionally leave my decor up longer and, yes, it's still up! I have several women friends who really enjoy coming to visit to see what I've done each season as I change all of my decor out and it takes me about a month to do it. I've done a little Valentine's Day decorating but probably will segue right into spring when I finally get around to putting winter away.

Anonymous said...

o, you are such a breath of fresh air!! missed you!!! love all your realness! o yes, still twinkle lights, glittery pinecones, boxwood cuttings, and a few village vestiges, ALL WARM white!! hope all bodies are healing soon and well! post when you can...

Wendy Johnson said...

As long as you post I will read. Sorry about Misters shoulder- ouch

Emmett said...

The blessing you have overcame the busyness.


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