Monday, November 28, 2011

Gratitude, Part 2

 I'm still grateful, but I have been distracted by Thanksgiving....hopefully you haven't been holding your breath until I finished my list.....

F is for friends.  I must confess, I don't have that many.  Not 476, or anything like most people do.  But I do have a few - and I am very thankful for them. 

G is for gardens - mostly mine.  I like looking at all gardens, but I love the whole process of having a beautiful garden (except for the whole slug thing).  And in MY garden I can have as many hydrangeas as I want.

H is for Hobby Lobby.  Hobby Lobby has been my BSF (best store friend) for about 30 years now.  When I moved to Michigan there was -GASP- no Hobby Lobby.  I had to make do with newer friends like JoAnn and Michael.  But I missed my old friend.  Then, 3 years ago, Hobby Lobby opened in Michigan and the empty space in my heart was filled.  Every time I make the 20 mile trek and walk in the door I have a deep sense of gratitude to be with my friend again.

I is hard.  I even got out the dictionary thinking that I would surely find something, some word that would strike my fancy.  There are some good words that start with I - intuition, innate, irony, invisible ink.... I guess if I was to pick one it would be innate. I'm grateful for those things that come naturally, or easy for me.  There are many things that are difficult, it's nice that some things are easy.

J is for Junk. Give me junk, lots of junk.....  Even if it sits in my basement for three years I eventually find something to do with it. Junk is good.

K is for kisses.  Ummm. Kisses.  They make people smile. They make me smile.

L is for Thanksgiving leftovers. Especially desserts. UMMMMM YUMMY!!!!

M is for Michigan summers  Yes it gets hot occasionally, but any place where we have never had to run our air conditioning on the 4th of July is good for me.  (actually, this year it was very hot on July 4 but we didn't have electricity, but we won't talk about that!)  And -  I can grow hydrangeas, impatiens, and hostas in full sun.

N is for NoPoo shampoo and other products.  AWESOME!  My sister introduced these to me in June and I am very happy to have this addition to the small world of products that actually work for us curly haired girls.

O is for orthodontia.  My son and daughter have million dollar smiles - thanks to the world of orthodontics.  If I had to flatter myself by ranking attractive things about myself, I would list my smile as #1 - but certainly not because of my teeth.  My poor teeth have never been straight, and guess what? -- "crookedness" gets worse with age.  So much worse that my teeth were cracking - with one eventually breaking in half.  So at the prime age of 52, I got braces.  It is a journey to say the least. I'm not quite half-way through the process, but I can see promise through all the metal, elastic threads, figure eights, and rubber bands.  Promise that by my 55th birthday I will have straight, white teeth for the first time in my life.  YEAH!

P is for paint.  I love paint.  Paint is wonderful.  Paint is miraculous.  Paint makes me happy.  I just painted my kitchen cabinets white, and to use a very trite phrase, OMG!!!!!

Thanks for listening.

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