Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gratitude, Part 3 and The End

Q is for quotations.  They provide endless entertainment and inspiration.  My favorite at the moment: The EARTH without ART is...EH....

R is for Re-Dos - Not doing the same thing twice - because that sucks - but making old things new again.  After I have added a few good re-dos to the blog you will know what I mean.

S if for Songs by Sarah McLachlan - she sings great songs and sings them well.  I'm thinking of this now that Thanksgiving is over because I use it as the date that I allow myself to start listening to Christmas music full time.  I love love love Christmas music and Sarah's Christmas CD, Wintersong, is perhaps the most beautiful ever.  Parts of it are hauntingly beautiful in fact. 

T is for (Cable)TV.  Sorry.  I know I should be ashamed - but my life would just not be the same without ESPN, HGTV, Food, DIY, HBO, and any number of other channels.  So I proudly announce to the world "My name is Karen, and I am a televisionaholic."

U is for all things unusual.  Unordinary, untypical, unstylish, unstandardized, unsymmetrical, unrefined, unperfect, somewhat quirky perhaps? 

V is for Vowels - bcs wtt thm wrds wld b hrd t sy

W is for Wine.  Nuff said.

X is for X-men the movie(s).  Providing me just one more opportunity to see Hugh Jackman in action.

Y is for the YMCA - specifically the YMCA of Metro Detroit.  It is a primo exercise facility, but what I like about it is the number of services it provides for children and young adults.  I'm impressed by the Y-Arts program - particularly their collaboration with FreedomHouse providing programs and services for those who seek asylum in the U.S.  I have belonged to various YMCAs in my life - 20+ years total.  I like knowing that I am supporting an establishment that serves more purposes than creating perfect bodies.

Z is for Zit - that go-to Z word in Words With Friends.  And Zero - which is how many words remain in my gratitude list.

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