Wednesday, November 9, 2011

“Great weather for a funeral”

The weather was louring, clouds threatening anything from freezing rain to the first snow of the season, and occasional cold gusts of wind catching cloaks and skirts, belling them out like sails.  The men held tight to their hats, and the women huddled deep in their hoods, all walking with their heads down, like sheep pushing stubbornly into the wind. 
“Great weather for a funeral”…….. (A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon)

I read this while I was on the elliptical yesterday and it dawned on me -THIS is how I feel about living in Michigan in the winter.  It is not even winter yet, but as a self-diagnosed Seasonal Affected Disorder victim, I can see (feel) it coming on.  The first sign is the grey skies that descend that may or may not be accompanied by rain.  This is followed by the absolute desolation of my beautiful gardens - which must be cleaned up.  


I try to remain calm, but my soul knows that one day soon the grey will come and not leave (save for an occasional 3 hour burst of sunshine) until April.  I can feel it crushing my chest    I try valiantly to maintain good posture.   Fortunately early November means left over Halloween candy – but now it is gone (consumed) and I must find a better way to cope!

The good news is that this feeling has somehow spurred me to FINALLY write my first post for my blog.  The blog I have been thinking about starting for about a year now.  In my mind, my first post would be extremely charming and funny - a fabulous reflection of the person that I am.  Hmmm, wonder what this says about me?  Guess we’ll find out.

My goal for this post is to actually get it done and get the pictures inserted.  I will work on my cheerfulness in the future.  And – as you might deduct from “About Me”, this blog will likely end up being a DIY blog. Look for some info on some of my projects in the future.

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