Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

So it is Jan 16 and my house is still decorated for Christmas.  I put everything out this year because I thought I would not be able to travel home for the holidays and wanted to set up as many cheerful spots as possible.  Well, I did get to travel, didn't get back in town till Jan 2, got to working on my basement, did a project for a friend, started restyling another friends house to accommodate a significant other moving in, etc etc etc.... Now here I am with Christmas decorations left to put away.  

I say all this as if I don't really like having the decorations out.  That is not true.  I love them.  I really love them.  Having little lighted vignettes around my house is warm and charming - and just does something wonderful to my soul. In addition, I have a little obsession with trees - especially the Christmas kind. There are 35 or more "trees" throughout the house this year. I like my trees and I don't like living without them.  BUT... After a while, when the  actual clutter of the decorations combines with the mental clutter of the imminence of the task - even I conclude that the relationship must end.  No matter how much I want to hold on - no matter how much it breaks my heart - it must be done.  

So I gather up everything from here -

and here -

and here- 

and here -

And here -

And here -

And here -
 And here -

 And here -

 And finally, here -

Then I put it here -

All this may not get put into the 8-10 large boxes and put into the little closet in the eaves of my bedroom (which hides behind a dresser and television) for several more days.

After I get that done I will worry about the other part of Christmas decorations that I have trouble letting go of....

It is just really hard to make a clean break......


Fast forward.

Today is January 18 - I need the table to cut fabric for drapes and a daybed cover I am making for a friend and I have been stripping 7 pieces of furniture for the last three days and NEEDED A BREAK, so I packed it all up today and have the boxes and trees sitting at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Mr Quirky to come home and help me put everything away.

I feel good.

Make something wonderful today!


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Milia said...

That is a break? You are insane. It must be all the fumes from stripping furniture.


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