Friday, February 3, 2012

Your Mission;  Should You Choose to Accept It.....

Last week I wrote about my friend Jennifer and her parent's farm.  We (she and I) have been talking about what her Somewhat Quirkyland alias should be.  For now we have settled on The Reader.  Today I am writing about a room that pushed her through - but to do this I must tell you a bit about her.  

She is first and foremost, well, a reader.  She reads like 500 books a year.  She reads when she eats, when she brushes her teeth, when she cooks (which is rare, unless you count toast), basically from the time she walks in the door from work until she leaves again.  She has both a Nook and a Kindle, and library card red-hot from use. She doesn't watch much television, doesn't even have cable - GASP!  The only requirement for any of the 9 rooms in her house is there must be a place to read and a place to nap.  Oh, I forgot to mention she likes to nap.  Number 2 on the list of aliases would be The Napper. 

This is a story about how this Mission Impossible room turned into an almost finished library, music room, napping room, reading room, study, office, etc., etc., etc.,

Isn't this pretty?  This is AFTER her fiance and I took out the treadmill and a large wing back chair!

Actually it was also after The Reader had "organized" a lot and taken several full boxes to the basement.  It would have just been cruel to take a REAL before picture.

This room was really the office.  But it also served as the room where she stored everything that she should have stored in the basement but didn't want to go to the basement to access.  I must say that the rest of her house does NOT look like this.  She is NOT a hoarder, a clutterbug, or too lazy.  Her priority was just not this room.  

Well, after looking for a job here for over four years, The Reader's fiance (who lived 800 miles away) got a job here and was moving in - in less than two weeks.  We had just begun to work on the massive 7 piece furniture stripping and prep project and I still had not put away my Christmas decorations . During that wonderful bonding process (stripping together provides many wonderfully intimate opportunities) I managed to convince her that we really needed to get this room done before Fiance Guy moved in.  You know, "Wouldn't it be a lovely surprise if we had the room done before he got here?" "Let's just bring down the day bed, I can make a slip cover for it" "Why don't we just TRY to remove the wallpaper and get the room painted?" "Let's just look at fabric while we are out shopping for EVEN MORE supplies to get this furniture stripped?"  You know.

Mission Impossible #1 - The Reader went for it.  Holy Moly - now we have less than one week to shop for fabric and paint, get the room cleaned out, remove the wallpaper, clean out the room, slip-cover a day bed, make roman shades, make pillows for the day bed, a curtain for the closet, and whatever else I couldn't imagine at the time - like 90 more trips to the store.  That doesn't include getting rest of the house move-in ready for Fiance Guy to move in, and his parents to visit (for the first time).   Of course The Reader had to fit in a few naps.

Mission Impossible #2 - We got it done!  At least on the surface.....there were still pins in some of the pillows, the shades and closet curtain didn't get done before the move-in but the room got cleaned and painted, and the daybed was presentable.  After the parents left, and I took care of some other matters that I had been neglecting, I finished up most of the loose ends.  So here for your viewing pleasure is...

Mission Impossible #3 - 

A beautiful new room in 6 days or less!

Coolest Slipcovered Daybed Ever!!!

A special place for children

Add a curtain when you have a 60 year old pocket door that doesn't work.

Cool Fabrics Huh?

It is a miracle.  Now I need a nap!  Next week I will break down some of the room and tell you a little more about it.  Also I just threw a bunch of artwork up for pics, most of which were mine, so this room will have to be restyled when we get a chance to work on it.

I hurried this post to get it ready for the Mission Impossible Challenge - but I missed the deadline so I'll have to find some other parties to go 

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Make something wonderful today!  I think I did - what do you think?


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JOY @ said...

Wow! I enJOY seeing how folks doll up rooms in old homes. Amazes me how one can use black and the room still be bright. Well done.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Thanks Joy, I'm glad you liked it. I just love old houses - can't make myself live in a new one (even though new things do have some advantages...). Thanks for doing the tutorial on splitting pictures. I've been wanting to do that for a while now and now I have the courage.

Toodie said...

Wow! This is great! Love those fabrics and that daybed slipcover!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Thanks Toodie. A little secret - I still haven't actually FINISHED the slipcover - needs to be hemmed and a little velcro added. When I finish I will do the tutorial. Thanks for reading!

Jodie said...

That daybed is amazing. Love every one of those fabrics!

Waseem said...

all look so beautiful....beautiful turned it it.

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Bliss said...

So what did Fiance Guy think?


Unknown said...

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