Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Morning After

I don't really decorate for Valentines Day.  I buy a valentine for Mr. Quirky from me, and one for him from his cat Sidney who is the 2nd love of his life (at least I hope it is 2nd). This year I found a little red garland that didn't get put away with the Christmas decorations so I twisted it into a little heart and stuck it on a candlestick in the dining room and VOILA! my home was decorated! 

I like to look at Valentines Day as a way to randomly show people they are loved and cared for.  I've hosted dinners for all of our unattached friends, sent Valentines to unsuspecting friends and relatives, and most often made treats to eat share with - well anyone.  

I love red, white, and pink, so when I see all the great ideas out there for Valentine surprises, I begin to hear voices - they say things like "oh that's so cute" or "wouldn't it be fun to make that???" or "YUMMY...."   (mostly YUMMY).  So this year when my friend The Reader told me that Fiance Guy needed Valentines to exchange with his co-workers and wouldn't it be good to make some I said "YES! YES! YES!" We decided to make banners/garland for everyone.  I revisited some of the ideas I had seen on various blogs - by all you clever people who get your Valentines posts made BEFORE Valentines Day.

I was charmed by the paper hearts that Stephanie Lynn at Under The Table and Dreaming used to make this little charmer...

So I got all my supplies together and made a bunch of them while I watched the Grammys.  I don't usually watch the Grammys but I'm a little in love with Adele and like to see her whenever I get the chance.  Then I strung (is that a word?) on some garden twine and ended up with this:

We also liked this banner from Rebecca at Simple As That

and made this:

The rest of our inspiration came from the plethora of ideas at Under The Table and Dreaming's Sunday Showcase Party.  We came up with these:

And of course, because no occasion can pass by without the appropriate yummy treat, I made these:

In case you didn't catch this recipe for the BEST BROWNIES EVER - check it out here.  The Reader made some cute little boxes (sorry no picture) and I wrapped up a chunk of brownie for each one.  This was our back-up Valentine - just in case the banners weren't a hit!

Word is they kind of liked the banners, so I probably should have kept the brownies for myself!...

Not exactly an art gallery, but now we can say our art is being displayed at Diversified Industrial Staffing in Troy, MI!

Hope your Valentine was good to you this year.

Make something wonderful today!



Milia said...

We totally won Valentine's day!

I'm working on my boxes to figure out how to get the lids smaller, so you can see the bottom and lid. However, it is kind of hard to fold paper inconspicuously in a meeting.

Fabrik ETC said...
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