Thursday, February 9, 2012

Please Join Me At the Table

I'm supposed to be working on a tutorial for the slipcover I made for The Reader's daybed - but I am not.  Instead I have been lurking on Pinterest - which I JUST set up for myself this morning.  I have also been stalking Between Naps On The Porch again.  I am fascinated with this blog for many reasons.
First, she has exquisite photography. 

Second, she has this magnificent porch or sun room - which I assume is attached to her house.  It is a porch to die for. Just. DIE. For. 

Third - she blogs about things I am interested in.  On Thursdays - today - she hosts a party called TABLESCAPE THURSDAY in which, as you might assume, party goers send in pictures of the way they have set up their tables (usually dining) for the day, event, or holiday.   It's a veritable haven of beauty and creativity.  

It makes me a little envious - and I begin to wonder "How does this tablescape thing work??????  Do they have another house where their REAL tables are?  I actually did a tablescape for Christmas.  Not a full scape mind you, just a "centerscape."  Most of the time it was out it was pushed to the side of the table to make room for all of the other things that I keep on my table.  

All of these beautiful pictures compel me to post about my own "tablescape."  So here it is - MY VALENTINES TABLESCAPE! Please do not think I am making fun of anyone except myself.

Isn't it beautiful? 
Let me highlight a few of the elements for you.  
The book that goes to the gym with me...Isn't the color festive?
Stack of mail I brought in from the guest bedroom bed when I cleared it off to take pictures.  (when I need my table to EAT or for a project, I clear it - to the guest bedroom bed.

Water glass from last night.

Empty bags.  I think this adds a really special touch.
Orthotics that I wear in my workout shoes.  Makes you want to have dinner at my table doesn't it?
Clean, folded napkins that need to be put away in the storage under the table.
Jacket from last nights trip to grocery store.  Recipe book for cake I made 2 weeks ago.

Lampshade I made that doesn't really have a home.
Yes, I do try to clean occasionally - but sometimes I get distracted.....
Supplies from last project that didn't get put away. 
Doesn't EVERYONE store their drill on top of their dining room table????
Another view - I think this one is even more beautiful - don't you?

I know - you are jealous.  Don't feel bad.  I have more pics but I have to keep some things private....

Oh yes, I promised you Valentines......
My Valentines decorations.  Isn't it beautiful?

My table is actually round - 48" around.  That is too small sometimes so I have a large glass tabletop that I put on top of the round table when I need more space for storing my stuff space for all my dinner guests.  Please don't show them this post....

Can't help it - I have to party with the other girls so I'm linking here to join the party.  Go there to see REAL tablescapes please!

Make something wonderful today!  (I think I'm going to clean off my table....)



CJ Foss said...

Very funny, quirky, and honest. I definitely used to have this table until I started posting on Between Naps on the Porch. Now, I've disciplined myself to pile stuff in other places. Throughout the week I have a beautiful table (except for the end of the table where my husband pushes the placesetting out of the way so he can use his laptop.) Thanks for your fun post! Have a lovely Valentines Day. ~CJ

Tricia said...

Way to keep it real, Karen! I got a giggle out of your post!

Leslie's Garden said...

What a riot! My table often looks just like yours! And if it's cleaned off I have to take the picture at a particular angle or spot so you don't see what's in the background!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I'm glad it made you smile - yes, I too have to be careful about the background. Sad thing is that I don't even really know the stuff is there until I see it in the picture! Thanks for visiting my little blog.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Thanks Tricia. Don't you just love a good giggle? We have something in common - I was raised a Southern Baptist choir girl with a little GAs and handbells on the side...

Alison Agnew said...

i'm a new follower
via GFC and Linky Followers

hope you'll follow back!


stephanie said...

I really liked this post. And my first question is how far are you into Echo in the Bone?
I went to the porch blog and that truly is a lovely porch. Like a dreamland. I'd like to take a trip out to Georgia and visit that lady in each of the four seasons - sit on her porch and ask her questions: What about the heat in the summer? Do the fans actually keep it cool enough? Air conditioning is really important to me, you know.
It's funny that you look at those tablescapes and get inspired. When I saw them I said "Holy crap on a cracker". (I just heard Penny say that on a rerun of Big Bang.) Those kinds of tables send my brain into shutdown mode - I have to look away before I have a processor meltdown. They also offend my sense of practicality and my preference for stark & uncluttered spaces.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Well, perhaps I should not have used the word "inspired" because really the idea of walking to the shelves in the basement and washing the dishes and shopping the house for decorations etc etc etc kind of makes me say "Holy crap on a cracker myself." That a really great line, I will try to remember it to use it again. Actually it does inspire me to take better pictures.
In EITB (that's cool blog talk for Echo in the Bone) Jamie & Claire are on the boat to Scotland and Bri has gone to her first day @ work. I'm making slow progress because of this whole blogging thing. Maybe I should work out more. BTW - I LOVE P90X2. I'll email you about that. BTW2 I have to FIND the book, because I cleared off the table yesterday.
Please start following me on LinkyFollowers. I hear that Google Friend Connect will disappear on Feb. 29. Click on it and it will take you through the process.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I've got your back. Thanks for following!

Alycia Nichols said...

I am laughing so hard that I have given myself a stitch in the side!!! This is TOO FUNNY!!! From the looks of the things on the tabke, it is obvious that you have been busy working on a number of projects, so it's not like the stuff is just there for no reason! :-) I love it that you're "keepin' it real", though. It is what it is! Truth be told, as I'm photographing some of my tablescapes I am being very careful to avoid the boxes and bags that I have just taken everything out of that are sitting around on the floor or in the adjacent room. I don't like to move the storage materials too far since I'm going to tear the table down in a short while anyway. The bad news is that if I get a brain freeze in the middle of a design and it takes several days to complete the table, all that crap just sits in a corner of the room until I can get 'er done. :-) Very entertaining post! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Thanks Alycia. I love it when people think I'm funny instead of "funny". :) Hey, I used to live in Kansas City (Brookside). Loved it - would love to move back. And as you say - "it is what it is". Have a lovely Valentine's Day.

Maria said...

My kitchen table often looks a little like this, too! Thanks for the laugh!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Oh thank goodness! You're welcome!

Lily said...

just found your lovely blog :) i like-y what i see!

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Bliss said...




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