Sunday, February 5, 2012

Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens....

Over at Between Naps On The Porch they've got a little party going on....sharing the 20 everyday things they cannot live without.  It kind of got me thinking....

These are a few of my favorite things.

1. Diva No Poo hair products for curly hair.             

2.  Tigi Catwalk Curlesque products

 These products make all those years without decent products for curly hair a distant memory.

2.  I love this stuff.  I use it on anything that can handle bleach.  I usually dilute it quite a bit - still works well and saves me money.

3.  White vinegar.  If I can't use the Clorox Clean Up I use white vinegar.  Love it.

4.  Aura Paint from Benjamin Moore.  Costs about $70 for a gallon, but worth EVERY PENNY.   Keeps you from having to buy a second gallon.....I use it every time I can afford it.  Really I can't afford NOT to use it.

5.  Old washcloths, hand towels, and t-shirts.  No pic here - probably would gross you out.  I use these for everything - even mopping floors.  They can handle any job, don't cost anything, are very GREEN and I don't have to buy a jillion other cloths, wipes, paper towels, etc to get my cleaning done.  Then I throw them in the washer with bleach and they come out clean and sanitary.

6.  My Waterpick Water Flosser - I got braces last February.  I would never have made it through the last year without this wonderful item.  You could feed a small country with the food that comes out of my teeth after a meal.  If you have kids with braces, GET THEM ONE.  It will make all the difference.

7.  Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash With Nutrium.  The best for us chicks that can't do the whole perfumed soaps thing.
8.  My dermatologist gave me some samples of this a couple of years ago.  I've used nothing else sense.  They have many products, but I use the cream (pictured) on everything including my face.

                           AMT® 835

                             Adaptive Motion Trainer®

9.  Couldn't get the picture to copy.  This is the newest (a couple of years ago) "elliptical" machine from Precor.   LOVE it.  I do have rather a love affair going on with elliptical machines but don't let my irrational love affairs sway you.  Try one out for yourself.

10.   These prints and accompanying "stories" are wonderful beyond words.   Check them out @  You will love having them in your home.

11.  Deft Clear Wood Finishes - I've been using these consistently for my whole DIY life - which is considerable.   I love the finish.  Try it sometime - it's inexpensive and worth a try.

12.  My Cutco knives.  I bought my starter set of 5 knives 25 years ago.  They are still perfect - and if they were not Cutco would replace them.  Last November I sent in 3 of them for sharpening.  They got "misplaced" and Cutco sent me 3 brand new knives.  Great customer service.

13.  Talenti Gelato -  You must try these products.  So very yummy.  Head to and check it out.  And yes, if these are in my house I use them daily.

14. Goodbye Detergent Spaghetti Scrubs Gentle (peach pits)
Best "dishscrubber" out there  Love 'em.  They clean stuck on stuff better than anything I've found.  Box comes with two - I use one at the kitchen sink and one to clean my old bathtub.

15.  EAS Whey Protein Powder   I started drinking one serving every morning - in ADDITION to my normal breakfast.  My hair and nails got better and best of all I stayed full all morning - sometimes even forgot to eat lunch.   And I lost weight.

16. Pure Protien Bars.  In my opinion the best nutritional value vs. calories product out there for snacks or partial meal replacement.  Way cheaper than the drive-thru.  Way better for you.

I'm preoccupied with ice cream now - and I'm not sure i can do a full 20 things.  So this is it....
Beam me up Scotty....Between Naps On The Porch - 20 Things I Can't Live Without...


PB said...

Random Question......what is the handwriting font you are using. I love it and have been looking for a good handwriting font. Thanks,
Pam B

karen@somewhatquirky said...

It is Handmade Apple. It is in the Advanced template for Blogger. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure how I got it in this post. This whole post was kind of cursed. I did it as a lark - thinking no one would see it and it didn't matter that it was very poorly executed and now hundreds of people have viewed it. Wish I had this much interest in my other posts!!!!:)

PB said...

Thanks so is funny what will catch someone's eye in a blog. But I really appreciate the fast are now in my "reader" to keep up with you.


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