Monday, February 27, 2012

To Quirk or Not To Quirk

I'm having a really bad blogger morning.  Somehow I have managed to lose some very important pictures - A LOT of before pictures that I have taken over the last 6 months for projects I am now completing or want to blog about.  My heart is just flat sunk.  I have restored practically every picture from the trash bin - which I had so carefully deleted during my "picture organization" and still cannot find the ones I need.  My resident computer expert is out of town until Friday.  I have to keep calm and carry on as they say.

I started out this morning all excited because I discovered some motivating posts out there about the beauty of imperfection.  They gave me all kinds of ideas about things to blog about - because my home could easily be called a HAVEN of imperfection.  I am fascinated by imperfection and feel most comfortable when I am surrounded by it.  Is that quirky or what!? 

Which leads me to the subject of the day.....

Is this TOO quirky?


The bathroom is too small to get a full shot of it, but yes, this is a mirror in my shower.

Perhaps you need a little background before you can make your final judgement.

First - I pulled this mirror from my stash last November - all excited to paint it up and put it on my mantle for my fall and Christmas mantles designs.  It's a really cool mirror, all peeling and distorted-just my type.  I painted and waxed it and left it in the office for a while.  Then when the spirit moved me to work on the mantle I hauled it into the living room, heaved it up on the mantle and BAM! it crashed into the ceiling!  It is 48 inches tall and I only have 41 inches to work with between my mantle and ceiling coving.  Enter crestfallen me.  So I dragged it back to the office where it has been sitting right in the middle of the room, leaning on a chair for the last 3 months.

2nd - My bathroom floor measures 86" deep by 41 1/2" wide.  The space between the front of the toilet and the tub is approximately 12 inches.  The space between the sink edge and the open door edge (the area you walk through to enter or exit) is approximately 14".   If I were to get pregnant, I would have to buy a new house! (that is AFTER I escape from the mental hospital)

This is "my" bathroom.  Mr Quirky has "his" bathroom upstairs down the hall from our bedroom. I don't shower, I baaaaathe. So unless we have guests no one uses the shower in this bathroom.

Somehow, last night, I got the idea of hanging the mirror in my shower. In my mind there are many pros to this:
  • It covers up a lot of flaws in the plaster above the tile
  • It matches the green in the shower curtain
  • It reflects light in this very small room
  • It gives me a chance to use this mirror that I really like
  • It gives me vast opportunities to view myself naked
  • If by chance two people need to use a mirror in the room there will be extra mirror available
  • It gets the mirror out of the office floor
The only cons I can think of are:
  • I will have to take it down for showering guests
  • It just might be a little too weird even for me
Now that you "have the facts maam" I will show you a few more pictures of the bathroom to help you decide.

I think it kind of fits in and is rather "perfectly imperfect" as they say...

It is a little unlike me wonder about one of my design decisions.  I'm good with practically anything that won't be found in any other home.  But this one makes me wonder ....

What do you think?  Good?  No Good?  You won't hurt my feelings....

Remember what The Nester says - It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!  I'm linking up to her party today It's Not Perfect - But Its Beautiful Partytime

Don't forget to comment!  And then - Make something wonderful today!


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Unknown said...

i like it alot i think its just quirky enough ;)

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Whew! One vote for perfect! Thanks!

thistlewoodfarm said...

Ok.....seriously! I love the color of your walls and that basket turned on it's side with the towels and then that crown molding.....perfection. I love the mirror in the shower. Perfect and fits with the rest of your decor.


PS I am your newest linky follower.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

You are just so kind. Two perfects are all it takes for me to be SOLD! Thanks for following - you be sure to keep me on my toes..

Unknown said...

I love it! As you said, it works for YOU. And besides that, it is a beautiful addition to a beautiful room.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Thanks Bettsi! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects in the future.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Good Grief!!
Do I love this bathroom!! I adore the black walls!! My Powder Room ( featured in my current post) has black accents with pink and white. I actually was thinking of painting below the chair rail black! Now I will be thinking seriously about it....

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Thanks Debbie! I've had two black bathrooms now. Love them.

Unknown said...

The choosing curtains and if you need ideas then the article has described it well. Thanks for sharing the ideas


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