Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I've got to pay the piper.  That's an expression isn't it?  Doesn't it drive you bonkers when you think of something and then it doesn't look right when you type it out?  Must be the coffee. Or the hormones. But I digress...because I tackled 5 projects and 2 books in 7 days my house looks like a tornado went through it (but left the folded laundry intact thank goodness).  

I wouldn't post at all, but my daughter put this on her Facebook wall today and I can't pin from Facebook so I copied and saved it but I can't seem to pin from that either so I decided to put it in a post so I could pin it.  Isn't that the BEST RUN ON SENTENCE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN?????? I am soooo talented!

Think on this -

Don't you just LOVE C.S. Lewis.  Wonderful man.

Now I see the inspired by charm watermark....he has a great Pinterest board by the way.  Charming.

Time to clean.

But you - 

Make something wonderful today!


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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Thanks so much for you comment and info. We actually found out that he will have a MRI today since he has had one on his knee in 2002. We were so tired yesterday that we forgot the knee surgery. The imaging place called us this morning and said they had gathered the info from the hospital so all is good to go today. I would have replied back by email, but for some reason comments are not going there as of the last couple of days.



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