Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm back. And my paint seeking road trip was a smashing success.   My first and favorite stop was a visit with the girls of Bungalow 47 in Williamston, MI.   One of the co-owners, Jill, showed me around.  They carry CeCe Caldwell paint and have pieces dressed up in all of the colors. She discussed the history of the pieces and the technique(s) used on each one.

I have a few pictures to show you!
This amazing bedroom set grabs your eye and sucks you right in!   Makes me wish Mr. Quirky wasn't just too stinking tall for a double bed!
Then you look to your left and see all the glorious color of CeCe Caldwell paints.  I see Spring Hill Green, and Kissimmee Orange, and Memphis Blue, and.....
Wowabunga!  This cabinet makes my heart flip!  It is Alaskan Tundra Green.
This one is pretty dang cute, too!  It is Smokey Mountain Gray.
Eventually you have to go to the CeCe Caldwell cabinet and make a decision.  You can't get them all so you start somewhere.  I bought Vintage White, Smokey Mountain Blue, and topped it off with a little Alaskan Tundra Green.  Oh, and some clear wax.  I haven't even talked about the wax yet.  No smell, feels like heaven - I rubbed it into my hands like lotion....can you imaging doing that with any other wax?
Look at those colors!!!! They are just beautiful.  Did I mention that there are about 12 new colors coming out in May? (could a red, olive, and some pastels be coming?) And a dark wax.  And a "hard finish" wax - for table tops and such.
Once you've decided your paint colors you get to focus on the rest of the treasures here.  Like these corbels.   Be still my heart.  You guys know about my romance with corbels...
(wouldn't you just love to have that sign to flash around sometimes?)
This table may be my favorite thing in the store.  Not too tempting though, because I've got wood hidden away to make my own! (that's Miss Jill there in the background)
A Dash & Albert rug or two....
Looks like my kids might have inspired a pillow....
Cutest pillow EVER!  I one of these might look good in my pink room...
Lots of AWESOME vintage thingies!  Don't get too excited about those vintage spice jars...I took them home with me!
Of course there is an accessory or two.  The texture in these scarves is delicious.  I should have bought was SNOWING outside!

It was a great visit.  Now that I have seen the colors in person, I feel more confident buying them online.  But I'll probably go back just for fun.  It's only 85 miles away.   I really want to go back to take a class.  Chantelle - the other owner lady - teaches lots of classes.  Ooowee!  I'll probably have to save my pennies and take one of those.  I didn't get to meet Chantelle.  I think maybe she didn't know someone famous was coming to visit!  Or maybe she was on one of her crazy trips... Jill told me she's the one who does the Bungalow 47 blog.  Check it out.  You will like her.  A lot.  

Of course if you live somewhat close to Williamston, Michigan make your way there.  It will be worth the trip.

And after you have your sample (or quart) of CeCe Caldwell paint, 

Make something wonderful today!  I can't wait to do it myself!


PS forgot to of the reasons I was willing to drive so far for paint is because I hate how much you have to pay to ship it.  But, guess what?! Because CeCe Caldwell paint is chemical free it can be shipped at regular rates.  I could get 4 quarts delivered for 15 bucks!  That is cheaper than gas!

And I'm back at the party! -
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Mary said...

I love visiting B47! Very nice write-up. Every time I visit or have to pick up my daughter from MSU I have to make a side trip. I wish I could go to their painting workshops, but I too live too far. Another good place to stop is the antique mall right off 96 and there's another mall just outside Williamston on Grand River on the way to MSU. The prices at Bungalow 47 are better than the malls though.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Williamston! Most of the time I'm driving down I-96 to Detroit, but thanks to B47 I can now ride my bike and shop in my own little town now too! Your projects are awesome and you'll love your new paint. Enjoy!


Liz Vickerman said...

wicked jealous! talk about sensory overload, everything looks so delicious (think eye candy).

Bliss said...

Pay no attention to the woman behind the lens. Or is that the man behind the curtin? Either way, I spotted you.


Sheila said...

One of my favorite stores! I have yet to use my paints, though. Need to get busy


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