Friday, April 6, 2012


I have become acquainted with a blogger that hosts a weekly party called Alphabet Thursday - where you can come to the party with any post related the letter of the week.  I've gone to the party a couple of times - you have to be careful, because one of the courtesies of the party is that you read 10 other posts and thoughtfully comment.  For those of you who are used to clicking and running this is not a party for you.   This week we are on the letter T.  As I was working out this morning I was thinking about all the wonderful T words that are available - trust, thankful, temptation, teaching... - and initially thought I would write about how much I love to teach.  That led me to thinking about why I liked it so much, which led me to thinking about what my gifts and talents are.  And it hit me TALENT!  That's what I will write about!

I must add here that while I am exercising my mind works so magically I can do anything.  I know exactly what to say, what to create, how to do it - basically I can solve the problems of the world.  The problem is I haven't figured out how to post while I am exercising.   Perhaps you are glad about that, I could possibly be a little obnoxious with all those endorphins flowing.  Anyway, the main problem with that rush of genius is that by the time I get home, get some food, and ice my knees, I can recall almost nothing of what was so clearly revealed to me just 30 minutes prior.

So, I'm going to follow my instinct - without the guidance of my endorphinized sub-conscience.  if I believe anything in the world, I believe that we are born with certain things that we are just good at.  Characteristics and subsequent behaviors that come very naturally.  So naturally that we can't help but do them.   I call these talents.  Websters defines talents as a characteristic feature, aptitude, or disposition of a person or animal.    I like the inclusion of animal in this definition in that it opens your mind to really natural inclinations - think retrievers and other breeds of dogs, that even without training are extraordinarily inclined to hunt, retrieve, dig or whatever their breed is all about.

Well my breed is "stuff maker" - I make stuff.  As a child I loved blocks, Lincoln Logs, play dough....basically anything that you could make something with.  When I became coordinated enough to cut with scissors it opened up the world of paper dolls, decoupage,  collages etc, etc, etc.  Vacation Bible School was heaven to me - all those gold painted pasta covered cigar boxes, melted crayon stained glass windows etc, etc, etc. Then I learned to play the piano and sing, and I made music.  Then I learned to sew, and I made clothes...... You get the picture.

As an adult people asked me what I like to do.  I say "well......uhmm.....well, I make stuff."  Immediately a quizzical look comes over their face and they say something like "huh?"  If they aren't clever enough to immediately change the subject, and make the mistake of asking me to explain I just begin to list the things I have made in my life. Soap, candles, furniture, pictures, clothing, slipcovers, curtains, lampshades, lights, wreaths, cross-stitch, mosaics, frames, blankets, jewelry, garden stuff, paper, collages, pictures, pillows, bedding, shelves, needlepoint, embroidery, rugs, baskets, decoupage - you get the point - all this while painting every wall and ceiling in every home and any piece of furniture that I could get my hands on. 

All of this is on my mind because I want this blog to be an extension of my talents - where I use my gifts of encouragement and teaching alongside my "talents" to make a wonderful place for readers to visit and feel at home.  I've only been blogging for 4 months and I've promised myself that I will be patient and let my blog become what it becomes.   I've never been one to care much what other people think, so blogging to serve others (I do NOT have the gift of service - I repeatedly have to work on that)  as well as myself is a bit of a stretch for me.    I don't really know what else to say about this or if there really is a point to it all.  I guess I just wanted to share a little bit of where I am coming from.

One of my favorite sayings is "when the world shakes you up and spills you out - what comes out is what you're full of.  I have always thought of this in terms of how I manage my reactions and responses, and keeping a peaceful spirit to avoid explosive behaviors.  But I'm thinking of it a little differently now. What am I good at down to my soul?  What pours out of me naturally?  I think I know, but I'm sure if I keep blogging I will find out more...

What is your breed?  What is so much a part of you that it just comes out? Are you spending time being true to who you are?  I would love to hear about you.

And after that....

Make something wonderful today!



miss flibbertigibbet said...

What a great post! You sound like me and I'm sure many of us bloggers will identify with the "I make stuff" sentiment!
It took me many years to try and be true to myself and begin to think about my own happiness separate from whether others around me were happy or if I was MAKING other people happy. I think it is very much a female thing and part of our genetics as well as part of our conditioning. Defining those two parts of us is often difficult and for some of us.....happens only when we are much older. It sounds like you are on the road to blending those two parts at a much younger age than I was!That's a good thing!
Thanks for the thoughtful post!
Blessings, Lorraine

Naperville Now said...

Love the pics of your work -- more art, please.

To the Toy Box and Beyond said...

great post visiting from jenny Matlock

21 Wits said...

I too like to make stuff and create new things. It's more fun to put my own curve in a recipe then to follow it ingredient by ingredient. Glad you made it to the party for the letter T!

Maggie said...

Great T post, I didn't click & run but read it to the end!
I think you can definitely add blogging to your very long list of talents.

H said...

My mum was very good at making stuff. Me, not so. I guess I'm better with words and organising.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Karen,

I love to make things too. Some of my best ideas come to me when I am in the shower - isn't that funny. Just like you exercising I can't seem to write down my thoughts or ideas either. You are a woman of many talents!

Jenny said...

Oh Karen! I loved this post!

I, too, am a stuff maker! My mom tells me I have a short attention span. My sisters say I'm flighty.

But now I shall simply tell them, "Go away, I am a maker of stuff!"

Love this terrific post!

We need to get business cards made with this 'title' on them!



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