Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Well, I've Been Sick...

That title is a self-indulgent phrase - a private joke between 3 or 4 family members.  I'm not going to explain it, which is what makes it self indulgent - 3 or 4 people will laugh when they read this title the rest probably won't read!

But it is true - I have been sick.  Last Thursday I started having abdominal pain SO bad - like on your hands and knees rocking back and forth bad - that I went to the emergency room.  After 6 hours, two bags of fluid, a little heavy narcotic for pain, a CAT scan, an antibiotic and probably a bunch of stuff I can't remember, I found out I had a kidney stone that was passing from my kidney to my bladder.  Whew!  Mr Quirky and I were REALLY relieved that we hadn't gone to the emergency room for a case of bad gas.  

Well, this was my 1st and I hope last (which won't be the case, because I found out today I have one on the other side as well) kidney stone.  Let me tell you they hurt like hell.  Pain medicine is an absolute must - like every 3.5 hours.  I slept for almost 2 days straight.  I won't go into all the indignities of this whole condition.  But I will say this - I didn't exercise for 4 whole days.  The last time I went 4 straight days without exercising was in 1990 when I got hit by a car (while bike riding), broke my shoulder in three places, and broke my jaw and had to have two surgeries on that.  There are two states of health for me - healthy enough to exercise, and NOT healthy enough to exercise.  The latter pretty much means my life sucks.

Now somehow I have been sucked into the blogger blahs black hole.  Not only do I feel lethargic and am in occasional pain, but I can't seem to write anything without complaining.  How boring is that?!!

I've got at least 15 projects started or need to be started and they are all screaming at me - PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!  The winner will be the back porch, but that is no sigh of relief because it comes with at least 8 major projects.  I would like to have these done by May 27.  DON'T MY KIDNEYS KNOW THAT I HAVE STUFF TO DO?!?!?  It's got to be the kidney's fault.  Why else would I have watched the season finale of SMASH! 3 times already? I am now watching it for the 4th time and will try really hard to delete it from my DVR when it is over.  I know that it seems indulgent to watch it a 4th time, but it is my reward for sitting here with the computer and typing.  Yes. I have sunk to new lows.  But something has to be done....

Since the mood is already so festive, I'll take this opportunity to show back porch and garden realities....you can just sit back and enjoy the fun.  

You see, I'm one of those people who can live with a mess.  No only can I live with it, I can leave it like that for a long time.  Then after I have looked at it for a few days, weeks, months, (whatever) I have to stand there, stare at the mess, and systematically identify "what is wrong with this picture?" and "what needs to be done to fix it?"  And then I forget about it for a few days, weeks, or until I have company coming.  In this case, for several reasons, I would like to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with a refreshed and restyled back porch.   You will notice it (the porch) really needs it!

Note how I accidentally left two watermarks on this picture and just flat didn't have the umph to fix it.  I actually debated putting my watermark on any of these pictures.  I'm relatively certain no one would STEAL them... unless they wanted to use them for an "white trash of America" episode or Sanford & Son (if you are old enough to remember that).

This is my embarrassing back porch.  It isn't always this bad.  Often it is worse.  Sometimes it is better.  I have frozen this moment in time, with instructions for myself.  Now I am cracking the whip.

Some of these are BIG jobs!!!!  I'll call them Papa Bear projects.  (there is another chair in the garage....)

These are easy, but messy, Baby Bear projects.

and these...they are the Mama Bear projects.

It seems every time I think I am through removing damage from the hydrangeas and hostas, I find more.  And then there are the weeds, the seeds of which were not frozen and killed in our mild winter, and are now growing in by the hundreds.

Does anyone else dread doing their hanging planters like I do????

And of course the thousands of seeds from 100 year old elm trees that are very very fertile in our mulch when not cleaned up....

OK.  It is all spelled out.  Tomorrow is the day I stop feeling indulging my lethargy.  So I give YOU the night off as well.  So go to bed, get a good nights sleep and - tomorrow?

Make something wonderful!  I'm going to give it a shot!



chateau chic said...

Oooh Ouch! Sure hope you get those kidney stones under control. You have way too much to do to get that porch ready for Memorial Day! I love your relaxed manner.
Mary Alice

Little Miss Maggie said...

Hope you start feeling better real soon. You are right, lots to do. If it makes you feel any better my office is as bad as your back porch. I clean it and within two days it is like a mine field to walk through. Start with the little projects so you don't strain yourself during recovery.

Art and Sand said...

I didn't focus on the being sick part. You hooked me so I have to come back and see if your porch is ready for Memorial Day.

Jamie @ Domestically Vintage said...

I hope that your on the mend soon and back to exercising! Hopefully you'll have energy to get to all those projects too! Good luck! ~ Jamie

plaits and paisley said...

I have heard kidney stones are horrendously painful.
I hope you are feeling back to normal very soon. There is so much to do! x

Kerin said...

Gosh Karen..
I am so sorry that you've had kidney stones!

My dad used to get those once in a while, and I think that he started drinking dandelion tea and that it did the trick. Maybe it was apple cider vinegar.... hmm.. maybe it's something you can check in to.

Loved your post! Even though your feeling crummy, you still haven't lost your sense of humor.

Hope you're on the mend, and back attacking your project list!


Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Hi Karen, thanks for coming by Quirky Vistas and reading and following. I've just joined your followers and am reading up on your illness and messy porch. I can't see the mess because I'm fixated on the cool orange cart! Whatever you do, if you are about to have company and decide to ditch it in a sudden cleaning frenzy...don't do it. I'll be waiting to take it off your hands!

I'm enjoying your writing!


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