Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Cape for Aeryn

So, there is this little girl.  Her name is Aeryn.

Aeryn loves capes.  And tutus.   

She wears her tutu - bestowed upon her by her aunt the Queen of Special Gifts - every day.  All day.

And she pins a towel around her neck, because she really NEEDS a cape.  Really.   A special girl like Aeryn should never have to wear a towel instead of a real cape.  Really.

So the Queen of Special Gifts commissioned her friend - creator of all things wonderful to create a cape for Aeryn.

So now Aeryn the Prodigious Princess has a cape!

And when she needs to get down to her secret super-hero business she slips out her princess feathers and turns magically into Aeryn the Red Rampage....

Or, she can reverse her cape and become Aeryn the Pink Protector of the Populace!

And after she has saved the world she slips back into her princess feathers and all is right with the world.

Make something wonderful today!


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Little Miss Maggie said...

Those princess feathers are very pretty and princess like. Aeryn is a lucky little girl.

Bliss said...

Boy my princesses were gipped in the awesome aunt department. Lucky little avenger.


Tami Rebekah said...

Ahhh we need a pic of her styling these!! So cute Karen!! Love it! Have a great Labor Day!!


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