Monday, September 17, 2012

Decking Out the Garden

Back in July when the temperatures were above 100 practically everywhere (even in Michigan), I did a little work for my friend Joan Whitman.  Beyond being my neighbor and friend, Joan is a premier interior designer (check out her bio here) and owner of Joan Whitman Interior Design. She had a little back-yard party scheduled and wanted to freshen up the furniture for her back garden. She has a beautiful home and a lovely shaded garden that you can sit in for hours and not even break a sweat! 

Basically this meant that I put a fresh coat of spray paint on the wrought iron furniture and made new covers for her pillows and seat cushions.  This also meant going over there at 7:30 in the morning to spray paint while it was only 75 degrees outside!  Then I got to plant myself in front of the sewing machine (in the air conditioning thank goodness) and make covers for 9 seat cushions and 8 pillows - oh yea, I also "slipcovered" about 40 covered buttons which sucked just a little bit!

We started with these:

Joan found some fab coordinating fabrics at JoAnn.

A big improvement don't you think?

It took me about a day to do the machine sewing.  It took two more days to do all the hand sewing - covering the buttons and then re-tufting all of the pillows and two of the cushions.  (somewhere in all of my pictures are a couple of shots that show you how to slip-cover a covered button, but it's been so long since I took the pics that I can't figure out where they are)

Then we got together for a photo session.  It was great fun arranging and rearranging and dragging stuff out of her house to set the tables for the pictures.  First we played around with the pillows - which turned out beautifully by the way...

then started layering up the tables.  Please note the "tree" in the background here...
It is actually a (or two) VERY old Burning Bush(es).  You know those typically 4 feet tall bushes that turn red in the fall... I've never - and probably never will again - seen another one like this!  It shades practically the whole garden.

We tapped into her vast supply of linen's and dishes and set up the tables.

Aren't those wine glasses just beautiful?

Everyone knows I'm not a tablescaper - but it was kind-of fun doing this with her.

It's a beautiful place to be!

Then I went home to my very "unshaded" garden and dreamed of 100 year old trees to shade my back yard - and went inside to the air conditioning.

Make something wonderful today!


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Anonymous said...

Wow, what an artistic masterpiece you all created. I love the idea of a bunch of people helping out and all showing your strengths in the finished product.
Here from the hop. Following you.

Unknown said...

great combos!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I bet the AC felt great afterwards though! Happy to be a new follower from Thee Blog Hop at Live, Laugh, Rowe! Enjoy your week!

Barbara at Chase the Star

Anonymous said...

A polka dot is a perfect combination for outdoor furniture. Great combos!

Little Miss Maggie said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Karen. You are a fantastic seamstress. I love the table decor. Everything is simply perfect!

Art and Sand said...

Everything is beautiful! What a fun time it must have been to set up everything with your friend.

Bartel's Blog said...
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