Thursday, September 13, 2012

Room 363 - A Must See

I was lucky to be able to spend about 15 days in Chicago over the last five weeks.  Mr. Quirky was working there for five consecutive weeks and I was able to drive over several times to visit and do some exploring.  Previously, I told you about the Soulful Sparrow in Elgin and Lola's in Morris. 

I was also a lucky duck and got to be part of the grand opening party for Room 363 in Naperville.   I wasn't sure about who was doing the pictures for this event so I just snapped a few pictures with my phone and tried really hard to make them decent on PicMonkey.  At the end of the post I will link to a few more places where you can read about the grand opening and see a lot better more pictures.

Mark, the owner, did a fab job of styling the front courtyard of the house wedged in between the newer more modern shops and eateries in downtown Naperville.  He even provided entertainment - as if we needed more than the store itself...

The store is AMAZING.  It is packed with all the coolest vintage stuff you could imagine.   And I do mean packed.  On top of all the stuff there were about a million people shopping and gawking and rushing around grabbing up all the really cute clothes Mark sells.  I'm not even a fashion kind of girl, but I know great vintage style clothing when I see it!

They even have a few things for the boys!

The vignettes were incredible.

I would consider this a MUST SEE shop if you live in, or are visiting the Chicago area.  

Not convinced?  Check out more pictures at Room 363 blog.  Jen Rizzo took the pictures - and clearly got a sneak peak because there weren't any people in most of her pictures.  
Then run over to The Gilded Junqeyard and check out the write up and pictures by Jeanie - one of the three Gilded Junqeyard girls.  I got to meet her at the grand opening.  She's a real cutie!  She has more pictures of the clothing.  Good stuff.

It just might inspire you to

Make something wonderful today!



Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Looks wonderful.
I'll enjoy it vicariously through your blog and links... as Chicago is a little bit out of the way for me!

Kirby Carespodi said...

We'll be in Chicago the first weekend in October, but it's pretty well scheduled with the Notre Dame game. Maybe next year, when BlofHer is there!

Bliss said...

I spy a cute pillow with a witch.


Little Miss Maggie said...

Wow, this looks like a wonderful shop. Love all the pillows and that clock on the old fence is great. Wish I lived closer so I could visit.

Mark Norkaitis said...

Thanks for the blog post!!!

Cathy and Paul @One Creative Couple said...

Great pictures of the store - wish I could go there! Thanks for sharing.

Nicole @WonkyW said...

Hi! I am visiting from Thee Networking Blog Hop and I am following via gfc. Have a wonderful week :) ~ Nicole@

Wesens-Art said...

I´m your new follower via GFC!
Check out my blog sometime and follow back if you like!

With A Blast said...

New follower via Linky !

Linda Nortje

Katie Griffith said...

That store looks like a must-see!! When visiting our Chicago friends I'm going to have to stop by! New follower from the Blog Hop at Uncommon!! If you get a chance I'd love you to follower back ;) best, Katie

Art and Sand said...

all your photos make me want to shop there. too bad it is in chicago. Thanks for the inspiration.


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