Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Fix-Up #6 - Updating Some Junk Flowers

Leaning up against the basement wall, peeping out from behind horizontal layers of boxes, sit four sorry looking metal flowers. I bought these at an estate sale last summer with the intent to paint them and use them in the garden somewhere. There are 3 very long expanses in my back yard that don't allow for much planting in front of them. These very long expanses are ugly. And naked. I thought these flowers might help them be a little less naked. And ugly. 

The flowers were originally yellow with a brown center - kind of like a black-eyed-susan. I wanted them to be more colorful and I had some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in flowery colors available, so I painted them, with the intent of painting the centers yellow.  Somehow I never quite finished the task. I got busy going to Chicago, and Oklahoma City, and gardening, and watching television, and who knows what else, and the flowers got left unfinished in the basement.

Lucky for them I am on a mission to finish up a few unfinished projects before October 31. So I stepped into the depths of boxes, got out my Annie Sloan Arles Chalk Paint and sponged on some on those flower centers.

I thought I wanted the brown center to peek through, but I didn't like that so much.  I did a few more layers of dabbing on color (I wanted the texture) and then spattered a circle of walnut stain around the perimeter of the center. This didn't really work out so great either, but I like it more than the blotchy yellow. Maybe in the spring when I put them out I will do something else with it. Or - I might just be so happy to have something new and ready to go for the garden that I won't care!

The colors I used of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint are Paloma, Emile, and Antoinette.  The one on the right that looks white is CeCe Caldwell's Pickerington Violet.

I'll leave them outdoors for a few days and then put them away for spring. I have several other summer projects that I didn't get to this summer. I think I will just put them off until Spring.

It's the 24th and I'm not even half-way to 15 projects. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat wondering if I will get my promised projects completed...

Good thing I'm not holding my breath!

Make something wonderful today!



fiona anderson said...

I think they're adorable. Keeping my fingers crossed for you for the 31st !
You CAN do it x

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Those promised projects can be haunting can't they? Good luck with them! The flowers are really cute, by the way. What a great way to spruce up your available space!

Bliss said...

They are sorry looking no more.


Little Miss Maggie said...

These are great flowers, Karen. Why don't you just leave them out for the winter? You'll have flowers to peak out at. I think you did a wonderful job on them already.

Connie said...

How many times have we bought something to re-do and then left it on the back burner. Well, you did a great job with these flowers. They look very pretty hanging there.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

cabinetcuresofoklahoma said...

These are great flowers, Karen. Why don't you just leave them out for the winter? You'll have flowers to peak out at.

Cabinet refinishing oklahoma city

thistlewoodfarm said...


I love your flowers....but your wine cork wreath post was hilarious!

Have a great day rock star!

Holly @ Bella Nest said...

Hi there, sweet lady! Your flowers are darling! So were you able to finish all your projects before tomorrow? Good luck! Thank you for stopping in today. You made my day!

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

Love that use of the chalk paint. Great upgrade!! The flowers thank you.

Unknown said...

A friend of mine which happens to be my neighbor have those kinds of flower design on their finished basement. I was amazed on how the decorations as well as the color of the paints they used compliments each other.


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