Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Fix-Up #7 - Re-matting and Re-framing

Yes, I know it is now November. Yes I know I was supposed to have my 15 things done by October 31. But I didn't. And it's still fall. So promises aside, I technically have until December 21 (that is the first day of winter isn't it?) for fall fix-ups. 

This project truly is one that should have been done a long time ago.  My daughter gave me a painting that she did while she was in college.  I've always liked the painting but didn't care much for how it was framed. Then it fell off the wall and the glass broke so I gave myself permission to re-frame it.  

I found a really old, dirty frame in the basement of an estate sale and thought it would be perfect.  I sat it aside in the dining room - where some of my projects in waiting sit. It sat for a long time and at some point in time if fell and the glass broke. ARGH!!!! So now I not only needed a new mat board but a new piece of glass. Oh so much work!!!

I hate paying for glass. Hate it. Eventually I found another old frame in the basement of an estate sale that had a bigger piece of glass in it. I was set. But still I did nothing. 

So to end this long and not so interesting story in my mind, I finally did the things I needed to do to be able to hang the painting again. 

Prepared the frame - painted CeCe Caldwell Vermont Slate, distressed w/ damp rag, waxed with Annie Sloan Dark Wax (used directly on paint w/o a base of clear), and waxed with clear wax.

Cut a new mat board - I forgot to bring the measurements to Hobby Lobby for the mat, so I just bought a mat board so I could cut my own mat. I really dislike cutting mats because I have a crappy mat cutter and they don't end up looking good. So please excuse the poorly cut mat. Because I did a poor job, I decided not to do a tutorial. Sorry.

Cut the glass - I've done a lot of glass cutting in my day and sometimes I suck at it. This time I did a perfect job. Thank goodness. 

Put it all together and hung it in the one spot in the kitchen that it would fit.

Oh glory hallelujah!!! That one was really hanging over my head! So glad to have this one done. I think I'll have some cake!

Make something wonderful today!


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fiona anderson said...

I think one should always give oneself permission to do whatever one wants lol !
It looks great against your green walls, and it's lovely to showcase a special piece.

Connie said...

Hi Karen, It was a lot of work, but it turned out wonderful . . . much better than before. I'll bet your daughter feels very special to see the framing that you've done on her painting. I love the wall color in your kitchen, too.

I am so happy that you like my carved gourd. I purchased mine at the farmer's market. I must warn you, they look awful when they are ready to crave. There is a mold that grows on them, so you must scrub them good in bleach water and then let them dry, before you start to crave. Most market venders will have this step none a head for you, but not all of them. A friend of mine was growing some for us to crave . . . she didn't know that they would grow mold in the drying process and when they did she threw them all away :(
Have a wonderful weekend . . . I do hope this helped answer your question.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Little Miss Maggie said...

That mat looks perfect to me, and I think you did a beautiful framing job. I like the painting too. Was your daughter an art major?

Marcela Gmd said...

Beautiful work!!!
Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥


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