Monday, June 9, 2014

Trials and Tribulations Witih Elm Seeds

Well hello.

I've been so busy that I almost forgot about you...

Busy you say?

What on earth could I have been doing?

Why picking up Elm seeds. That's what.

I live in the land of the Elm tree.

They are wonderful shade trees. The streets of my neighborhood used to be lined with them, one after another.  

But several years ago Dutch Elm disease hit the streets and at least half of the trees had to be removed.  My block of 18 houses has maybe 8 remaining Elm trees.  They are very old.

Do you happen to know what happens to old trees and their seeds?

They get desperate.

Desperate to reproduce.

So the older the tree, the more seeds they make.

These Elm trees were planted in like 1940.

That's some old!

And a lot of desperate seeds flying around over Memorial Day.

They fill the gutters. They fill your lawn. They fill your gardens. They fill the cracks in your driveway.

They get in all your potted plants. They cover your porches.

They track inside the house.

And I have to wait.

Wait to put out the outdoor rugs.

Wait to put out the mulch.

I mean, who wants to spend a fortune on mulch and then have it all covered in inches of elm seeds. 

Because after they fall, they have to be removed. Raked. Or swept.

Thus, The Great American Elm Seed Pick-up.

Even cleaning up as much as I can . . .

This happens. This is a thin patch. The spots where they pile create clusters of hundreds of trees.  All this adds up to no less than 1 million trees in my garden and yard.

I typically collect 4 large paper mulch bags of elm seeds .

these are mulch bags - in case you don't use them in your area

And there are thousands left in the garden, making trees.

Do you think I'm being anal?

I say all this because I want to show you some pictures from my garden. 

And I can't bear the thought of showing pictures of the plants that are filled with Elm seed discs. And there is no mulch. There are even some weeds in the pictures. 


Since this post already has so many words I'm only showing one picture today.

Then tomorrow I promise no more whining.

And can I ask you a personal question?

What do you do with your Elm seeds?


Rita C at Panoply said...

Karen, I don't have elm trees, but I remember having them growing (just don't remember the seeds). I do have other "volunteers" such as nandina plants, which I pull constantly, it seems. And the wild violets seem to want to take over my mulch beds. They're everywhere - underneath and in between all my plantings. It's getting to the point where I need a new plan besides bagging hunks of them every time I walk the garden.
From the looks of your yellow anemone, is it?, you're about 6 weeks behind us in bloom timing. we're past the daily pollen and seedlings sweepings, now enjoying lots of blooms (and staking tall plants!).

Bliss said...

They are a dirty tree this time of year. The seeds make spots on the decks on the patio, on anything fabric. They are all over the cars, and the baby trees, OMG I don't think they have ever been worse. We have a forest growing in the playground. Are they just about done? I don't know what I do with mine, but sit and wait for them to blow away.

Art and Sand said...

I had heard of Nightmare on Elm Street, but I never knew it was about prolific seeds.

I don't have an elm tree, but I do have some other messy trees. I think the secret is to just be rich and have the team of gardeners deal with the issue.

Kirby Carespodi said...

No elms here. Maybe I need to come up there and pick up a few elm babies.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I noticed a lot of elm seeds on our walk tonight, but we don't have many in our yard. What we've been cleaning up for the past few weeks is the mess from our 3 large birch trees. I have thousands of baby birch trees trying to grow in my shade garden!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

We don't have any elm trees around us that I know of. But we have lots of maples and those little "helicopters" land everywhere!! Maybe you should start an elm renewal movement. You could be the new Johnny Appleseed!

Unknown said...

We sweep - pull - rake - curse - sweep - pull - rake - curse - and repeat as necessary -
The pool was covered in them too !


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