Saturday, September 20, 2014

28 Things - Doing Ugly Work

1. I've been busy working. Doing ugly stuff.

2. The ugliest of which is cleaning the guest bedroom. You can see an example of what I am facing here.  Except it is worse.

3. Actually it's not worse now. Because remember, I've been working.

4. You may not know that last fall we dug up the front yard and reseeded the grass.

5. This year we dug up the back yard.

6. It was ugly.

7. Now it is lovely. At least with promise.

8. It's been treated for grubs, sprayed with soil conditioner, a new border has been installed and the yard re-seeded.

9. It will be beautiful.

10. The front yard turned out fabulously.

11. Our yards were actually fine. Better than the neighbors. But Mr. Quirky, well he's a little quirky about the grass. 

12. He doesn't even let me touch the grass. Unless it's to dig it up, of course.

13. I also get to plant the trees, build the pergolas, put in the retaining walls, take out the dead trees, prune the shrubs, split the hostas, . . . 

14. I'm cleaning the guest room because we're having company.

15. We have company every September.

16. Is it possible that I could anticipate this and not have to go through this dirty work to be ready?

17. This dresser I've been cleaning - it too, dirty. Very dirty.

18. I sanded it to get the layers of dirt off. 

19. And I glued, repaired, and filled the very brittle veneer.

20. I get to paint today. 

21. WhooHoo!

22. Another dirty job - I've been cleaning up a bunch of old cast iron.

23. If it works I will tell you all about it.

24. My tree slice table is closer to being ready for use.

25. It was dirty work, too.

26. Like 20 hours of sanding.

27. I finally gave up. Now I'm trying to finish it.

28. I want to know. What dirty work you have been up to???? Tell me!


Anonymous said...

I think you did enough dirty work for the both of us. I can't wait to see how your tree slice table comes out. The slice is already beautiful. You must be so excited and full of anticipation!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I've been sending scathing emails to my ISP via my iphone. somebody had to do it.
I've been doing laundry.
and though not dirty work, but designed for dirty work... I've been crocheting wash cloths for Christmas Shoe boxes ... to wash the dirty little faces or hands. :)
tomorrow...I'm digging in the garden boxes for the fall garden and cleaning out the chicken coop...

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Good things sometimes dirty work can be fun! Been cutting back in the garden and other than that haven't had a lot of dirty work here lately. Oh yeah, and we cleaned the garage last Sat. Every now and then I crave me some dirty work. lol! Your yard is going to be gorgeous and I love that dresser! And the table is awesome as well!

Unknown said...

Are you reseasoning all of your cast iron? What are you using for the oil? I have a ton of that linseed oil so don't buy any if you need that. If I can do it, anyone can.

Gwen said...

Girl! That's a ton of dirty work... Me? I've just been glittering pencils. Oh, but I did plant some fall flowers b/c I forgot to water the other ones from spring. They stayed alive longer this year that ever, so I'm getting there!

Happy Sunday!

sarah krouse said...

Love the lines of that sweet dresser! Oh, and I totally get the hub's thing. I always think back to one particular Thanksgiving dinner when he baked the turkey, and I did everything else (from the side dishes to the gravy as well as the set up and clean up). When it was over he had the gall to plop down and say how tired he was... Yeah, it's pretty much like that!

Art and Sand said...

Your post is a bit of fortunately/unfortunately like mine.

I love the shape of the dirty dresser and can't wait to see what you do with it.

Art and Sand said...

Your post is a bit of fortunately/unfortunately like mine.

I love the shape of the dirty dresser and can't wait to see what you do with it.


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